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A cliche festival
nikkimariepr20 July 2018
After seeing so many great Puertorican movies recently this was beyond disappointing. The gratuitous and boring boob scenes, the excessive and unnecessary use of foul language, the "all we do is drink tequila like teenagers and dance (off rhythm) cause we are boricuas" cliche, the terrible use of zoom ins and hair in the wind, the "gringo" screaming spiks...the only scene that was worth it was when the cat got the food he liked.
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I accidently paid for a porn film
adanidiarod14 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I am so sorry, but the great performance of the actors as well as the really good cinematography fail to save the poorly written script of this film. Puerto Rican films have been really good in the past years but for this film this is certainly not the case. It is a waste of talent and money.The plot has voids no one can save, I was surprised to know this movie was based on a novel because it didn't seem to have a plot at all. It is a movie where the story goes nowhere, the characters rarely move the story forward, and many things end inconclusive.

Now let's talk about the male gaze, if you don't know what that is just read an essay on the male gaze and watch this movie. I understand the excessive sex is a thing in the novel but...did the director need to see so many boobs?, also the excessive dirty talk that doesn't contribute anything more than to make women look hornier. This movie presents a Puerto Rico in which women want nothing more than sex, and men are always horny and get what they want. Also it's a Puerto Rico in which you are not Puerto Rican unless you drink or do drugs. In the film everyone either has sex or does drugs, this contributes to all that happens in the movie, which is nothing, is a story that doesn't deserves to be told in this manner. It's a terrible film, with great actors, and somewhat great cinematography, that's all.
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"Se deja ver"... with some reservations
pepestrokin11 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Positive: Pedro Capó, Xavier Torres (one of the best actors working in Puerto Rico today), Isel Rodríguez, Angélica Negrón, Santiago "Chago" Benet, Chente Ydrach (basically playing himself, but I thought that worked perfectly here), Unintentionally funny: Cordelia... "smelling". Not-so-positive: the storyline and the ending - if you want to generate at least some goodwill / word-of-mouth, you have to have conclusions to your story threads. 17 ratings (including mine) after being available on HBO for almost two months, and after a theatrical release, is not-quite-rosy. We already have our share of Puerto Rican "filmmakers" making 'troll-storyline' films that either underwhelm in legendary fashion or are, literally, shelved - we do not need more.

The most positive aspect of all for me: the work by Aris Mejías.

PS: As I mentioned above, streamed this film on HBO, only a few months after its theatrical release in Puerto Rico - a very rare feat for a film made on the island.
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a Hard-Boiled detective story set in modern day Puerto Rico. This is what it would look like if Sam Spade retired to a beach. Bogey would be proud.
contact-742-5008355 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
MIDNIGHT SUN is a classic Hard-Boiled Detective Noir in the tradition of Dashiell Hammett, but instead of trench-coats and hats we have a tropical setting. Our main character is Manolo, a scumbag private detective who specializes in cheating husbands and affairs. Now, we may have said that Manolo is kind of a scumbag, but he is more of a lovable scoundrel. Manolo has that "Han Solo" charm to him, he's a silver-tongued devil, a rogue and a charmer, and despite the fact that he plays everyone around him in order to earn a living, he's still very much a likable guy. In other words: he's Humphrey Bogart in "The Big Sleep" if Bogey had retired to Puerto Rico. Which brings us to the detail that despite working as a private detective, Manolo lives the life of a retiree. He lives in a complex along other characters that share something in common, most of them party all night and are veterans of the Iraq war. The opening credits show us Manolo and his twin brother growing up, the bond between them is undeniable, but Manolo's twin (like many other twins) has a bit of the dark side in him. His brother winds up hanging out with the wrong crowd, particularly that of the local kingpin. Throughout the film Manolo remembers the events that lead to the demise of his twin almost as if he had lived them himself. Back to the main plot, Manolo is hired to investigate an affair between former friends, and in true Noir fashion, things are far more complicated than meet the eye. Manolo is not exactly a man of action but is more than capable of handling himself when trouble rears its ugly head. However, it is Manolo's wits and verbal dexterity that are his weapons of choice. Manolo has a hand in manipulating the events around him rather than allowing events to manipulate him. He always tries to stay one step ahead of everyone around him. Even when it may appear that he has been cornered Manolo is quick on his toes and capable of out-witting his persecutors. MIDNIGHT SUN is undeniably a Neo-Noir, but if it had been made in the golden age, black & white… it would stand proud neck-to-neck along other Noir classics like "Double Indemnity" and "The Maltese Falcon". However, as "retro" as it is, it is also undeniably modern. MIDNIGHT SUN does a lot of things that classic Noir would not be able to. It is far more hardcore, and it contains a good doze of sex and violence, which only adds to firmly ground it in reality and its tropical setting. This is another detail; the film is HOT, one can almost feel the hot, moist weather in the air, the sweat and the salty smell of the sea.

MIDNIGHT SUN manages to be an homage to the Noir/detective genre, without ripping-off what came before. We are in an era of remakes and reboots, or "original works" that borrow heavily from what came before, but the strength of MIDNIGHT SUN is that it plays it straight, much like CHINATOWN before it. However, unlike Chinatown's deconstruction of the genre, MIDNIGHT SUN doesn't bother to "reinvent" the wheel, but rather plays by the rules and uses the tropes to its advantage. The voice-over is classic detective internal monologue. Like Sam Spade before him, Manolo narrates the events with the same cynical tone. It was a common trope of Detective fiction to have the protagonist be a WW2 veteran, in this case, Manolo is an Iraq War veteran, the transplant of the trope works beautifully within the context of the story, and makes the homage shine even more. The private detective has been done to death, but there is something about watching these same tropes in modern times, and see how little has changed since post-war times. Manolo earns his living in a dishonest way, but in a world of dishonest people, it would be dumb (and deadly) not to cheat the cheaters and stay ahead of the game. Another detail, and this may appear overlooked, would be that this is, undoubtedly a Spanish-speaking story with Latino characters in them, rather than Los Angeles (the ideal Noir City) or another American city as back-drop. These stories are universal and can happen anywhere, and the film makes great use of its Puerto Rico setting, which only adds to its novelty and narrative.

While MIDNIGHT SUN may be a low-budget independent film, the manufacture and quality are top-notch. A very talented and dedicated crew gave it all to this production. It is carefully constructed, cleverly performed and shot with a meticulous eye. The lead, Pedro Capó has charm and presence in spades. He plays the world-weary, cynical Manolo with roguish charm, and he's positively the secret weapon of the film. At all times we are with him, and he carries the film on his shoulders with confidence and aplomb. And yet, despite following Manolo everywhere, and listening to his thoughts, there's still a lot we have yet to find out about him and his relationship to his brother and that fateful night his twin was murdered. This is above all, a very entertaining film, there's a lot of value in that, a thriller that actually thrills with a roguish lead that we root for throughout, in true Noir Detective fashion, Manolo gets into many dangerous situations, and we constantly fear that he may get way over his head. This is a fantastic hook that keeps us interested throughout as well as the central mystery that unfolds, there is more than meets the eye.
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A film to be watched over and over
rsantana-8519611 August 2018
I have watched this film three times so far and I will probably watch it again. And I think I have by now figured out who killed Frank. The movie does not reveal that secret outright but the clues are there. Some clues are quite subtle and some people will miss them altogether. But, regardless of the level of your sleuthing skills, the movie is worth watching on many levels. You will enjoy it for the scenery, the acting, the music and the cinematography. The dialogue is unique too. It is raw, yes. But it is also very real. Not everyone in the film speaks like Pedrín (Chente Ydrach)--who is playing a more serious and pedantic version of his social-media persona, as he is actually acting--but from what I've gathered and know, his lines reflect certain level of contemporary Puerto Rican street-talk. Thus, not every one will approve the over-the-top rude and impolite language coming out of his mouth but this is what this Howard Stern-like character has to offer and many people enjoy it for what it is. If you can handle it, you might find his lines to actually be quite funny and entertaining, ("pelo a pelo" being one of those neo noir genre quotes not to be forgotten). This movie is not for everyone, just like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and No Country for Old Men also are not for everyone. But for those who can take profanity-or perhaps reality-and for those who know a little about film, who can appreciate true art, great acting and great directing, it is one for the not-to-be-missed bucket list. Watch it with someone else, someone who also truly appreciates film if you can! You will be talking (and laughing) about it for a good while.
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Latin Hot and Sexy Noir
ajsifre-9535511 August 2018
I enjoyed the plot, style, and music, and the performances of Pedro Capó (two roles), Aris Mejía and Laura Alemán.
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It keeps you guessing until the end.
vrelopez12 August 2018
This movie keeps you guessing until the end; depicted in a sorry level of our young society which we would prefer to pretend that it does not to exist. Its plot is quite different from detective formula movies. Very promising female actresses. I enjoyed it very much
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