"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh? (TV Episode 2017) Poster

Rachel Bloom: Rebecca Bunch



  • [Heather finds Rebecca curled up on the couch with Josh] 

    Heather Davis : Uh, Rebecca, can you uncuddle yourself? Daryl has been stalking my entire life. Apparently there's an emergency at work and he's trying to call you.

    Rebecca Bunch : Okay, yeah, well you know what? There's really bad cell service in the love bubble.

    [Rebecca kisses Josh] 

    Heather Davis : Well, maybe you could change to a better provider! Ewww.

  • Rebecca Bunch : What's with the faces? Karen, did you try to cook a chicken in the microwave again?

    Karen : Not today! But it can be done.

  • Nathaniel Plimpton : You lost. Game over. Get out of the pool, wash off the chlorine and apologize to your father.

    Rebecca Bunch : What?

  • [on the phone with a potential client] 

    Rebecca Bunch : What am I wearing? How dare you! Ya know, if you wanna know sexual details about me, you have to employ me first.

  • Rebecca Bunch : These are good people! They've supported me through a lot of tough times. Alright, I moved here less than a year ago, completely started over and they've supported me - even the most humiliating moments... I pooped in a shoe on You Tube! Okay? That's what happened.

  • Rebecca Bunch : You know what you've made me do? You made me offend my future in-laws, you almost got me arrested, I watched my best friend hold a human pelvis in her hand, I have offered to show my ample bosom to *so many gross old men,* and you made the love of my life say, "Boop-a-doop-a-doop-a-doop-a-doop!"

    Nathaniel Plimpton : Well, I don't know, those words sound a little advanced for Josh.

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