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One of TT's best efforts
residentgrigo13 April 2017
All of TT's games after TWD all followed a now set in stone formula. So does this newest series and you even have to choose who to "save" during ep. 02, in a scene taken right out of TWD S01E01. Something most of them didn't bother address are proper consequences. Batman on the other hand already delivers in this regard, as a few key decisions lead to you playing one of 2 unique scenarios multiple times. I expect the next season to set the record mostly clean again but the gimmick felt real, for once. I was also surprised how well the creators nailed the characters, despite taking many noticeable departures from canon. The game further earns it's M due to unflinching gore and the ability to play Batman like a near unhinged sociopath. Bruce Wayne is also as much a fleshed out character as Batman himself, arguably more so. I like the 1st half a bit more than the 2nd, but i don't have any serous complains. The writers also nailed Catwoman, unlike Rocksteady. The whole season even came out on time and ep.4 features a very effective setup for S02. I can't wait. 8,5/10
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Batman The Telltale Series: Another great Telltale title
Platypuschow18 January 2018
I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a Telltale games fanboy. It's not that they can't do any wrong, it's just that they very rarely do.

Though a fan of DC & Marvel I've never quite seen the fascination with Batman so I wasn't bowled over upon hearing that this was being made. I wasn't overly concerned however as Telltale seem able to make a great game out of any franchise. I dislike the Walking Dead show and the Borderlands game series but adored the Telltale adaptations.

Batman the Telltale game has a solid storyline as you'd imagine, it looks great, it plays great and is yet another success all round. One thing that did surprise me is how merciful it, Telltale have a long history of breaking your heart and killing off characters but here it's really quite tame stuff.

This however didn't dampen it's quality and I'd consider this essential for both Telltale & Batman fans alike.

It tells the story of Waynes world crashing down around him as his family name is dragged through the mud, his friendships fall apart and the Children Of Arkham start ravaging the city.

It's all done very well and I applaud Telltale once again for making a solid game around a franchise I'm never overwhelmed with.

The Good:

Looks great

Solid voice acting

Very well put together story

The Bad:

Bit more glitchy than the average Telltale game

Really does make up its own lore

Things I Learnt From This Game:

I don't remember Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale being like that!

Alfred is a badass
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drhuss_a2 June 2017
A strong story line which focuses not only on the agile vigilante Batman but revolves around a wonderfully portrayed biography of Bruce Wayne. Mind blowing graphics authenticated with a neat display of voice acting by the cast and a great continuity makes this a real treat - to keep playing; ... and to sink deeper and deeper into this incredible story-line. Truly a must play by TELLTALE. Hats off!!!
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This is a very great
jacob_proper17 December 2018
Better than the Arkham series With great storytelling
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The best Batman ever made
martinsplads8 May 2019
Wauw this telltale game blew me away. I love that you can play Batman or Bruce Wayne in the way you want the character to be. Every choice you makes changes the story for the worst or better. This is almost a masterpiece to me but the stiff walking when you are not talking to your friends or foes ruins this game a bit. I love this game, its just the perfect Batman simulator and if you love the bat universe like me you have to play this game.
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A good take on Batman, but the whole storyline can be a bit wonky.
benjamincallinicos26 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First and foremost, Episode one is the strongest episode. It's sets up each of the characters very well. The music throughout the game is amazing and some of the voice-acting is just ok.

Episode 4 introduces the Joker and he has to be one of the most amazing versions of the Joker yet.

Episode 5 is action packed but the whole structure of the story feels disjointed and has less stakes than previous episodes.

Now for misgivings: Oswald Cobblepot in this is not how he's supposed to be, making Vicki Vale the main bad guy is a stupid idea, Thomas Wayne as a mob boss doesn't make sense either (If I was a mobster who was about to get gunned down in front of my family, why would I not be carrying a gun?), see Telltale, the changes you made are just for the sake of trying be creative and clever when really you are giving new fans the wrong idea about what the Batman universe is.

It's a unique and great game that unfortunately is let down by the occasionally questionable writing. This is the start of the decline of Telltale Games as a company and probably the reason why they are shutting down.
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The second-best Batman ever made
phelpssg-1495222 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is not as good as the Dark Knight film trilogy but it's pretty close. It's a great addition to the comics. The plot is good. Joker wasn't in it very much s tantalising to see that he may be back in a season 2. Harvey Dent was a bit too much of a show of. The penguin is interesting but he's not the penguin he is the comics. Cat woman has excellent voice acting and is bing on the nail. Commissioner Gordon is quite good. The Arkham Aslyum is portrayed as a grim and gloomy place.
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A game more focused on maintaining the separate identities of Bruce Wayne and Batman than the more animated villains of the Batman universe.
Amari-Sali2 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Trigger Warning(s) Blood | Gore | Sound of Snapping Bones | Violence Against Women | Internal Organs


You want to be a hero, you want to clean the streets. A lot of the signs all point toward Falcone as the reason things went to hell. Oswald tells you this, the way Harvey speaks it is like this man has his hands in everything and one tug of a string and everything comes apart. But how can one man nearly rule a city? It is with the help of a corrupt mayor, maybe just the right amount of intimidation, or could it be Thomas and Martha Wayne? There are many battles in Realm of Shadows and while you think they will simply be against the likes of Catwoman and Falcone, it seems between old friends and what you once believed, what is going to leave Bruce scared, bruised, and unable to stand maybe those who helped him become the person he is.


Batman is rich enough to have all of the gadgetry a person's mind can come up with, he has the privilege of fighting crime at night and being able to nurse his wounds, in his hands he, one man, can possibly change the fate of Gotham. You get to assume all this. To me, when it comes to these ancient heroes, those of which premiered almost a century ago, there are very few stories left to tell. Even with TV shows, movies, new takes on different characters, there are very few ways to keep these cash cows fresh. However, taking control, really taking control, and not just beating up bad guys, this is what TellTale Games gives you.

Within the episode, you are given control of both Bruce Wayne and the Batman. You get to do the investigative work which we experienced in Arkham Asylum, you get to beat up minions like within that game too, but also you get to handle the man himself. This rarity, being Bruce Wayne, is the highlight of the game. To make decisions as he tries to assist Harvey's campaign, as his family name comes under attack, and you realize small decisions aren't helping matters, it reminds you why TellTale is slowly building up as many licensed properties as the late THQ once had. The difference being, there is thought put into their games and there is more than simply a cash grab.

Low Points

Perhaps the sole problem of the TellTale formula is that while the dialog choices and interactions between characters, keep you on your toes, quick time events remain something you almost feel indifferent about. Granted, in the moment you are trying to press whatever button, or a combination of buttons, to not get your behind whooped, but most of the time a missed button or opportunity seems inconsequential. So you got hit, so you didn't hit them? What's the point? Well, the problem is, you feel that with the power to be Bruce Wayne, to try to maintain the facade, you should have more say on how Batman affects your ability to put do so.

In one instance, after a fight with Catwoman, you return home and must host a party in your home. Blood on the collar is noticed and you must come up with an excuse. A part of me feels that as you try to save Gotham this should conflict with saving the Wayne family name. Blood, bodies being sent to the hospital, Catwoman knowing your true identity. There are so many potential threats to the balance but I don't think, at least in episode one, we are given enough opportunity to balance the commitments of both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Here is hoping future episodes change that.
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Batman Telltale Review
Moviememmer26 October 2019
  • Good characters
  • Investigation mini games are cool
  • Some Challenging choices
  • New engine makes graphics look alittle better

  • Poor end plot twist combined with a lacklustre final chapter
  • Fight scenes play out themselves
  • Story starts off well, then gets alittle bland
  • Few bugs and glitches

Verdict: Not Telltales best IMO, but still a fun game. Starts of well then gets abit boring thou

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