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  • The secret effort to smear Bosch intensifies. Harry and his colleagues struggle to uncover who's trying to frame him. Irving closes a chapter in his personal life, but is ensnared in departmental politics. Bosch digs into the history of former soldiers under suspicion. Killers pull off a major score.


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  • S3 E5 Blood Under The Bridge

    Crate and Barrel sadly visit Mrs. Niece. Harry sits forlornly in his car outside the Coroners Office. Thomas Neice is on an autopsy table, Harry examines the two deep cuts to the neck and upper chest.

    Maddie plays volleyball, the dads watch. The dad who asked for his ticket fixed wonders how it is going, Harry reassures him it's OK.

    Grace Billets arrives at a house for a barbecue. Her ex-husband is cooking, the teen daughter is being picked up. Capt Ellen Lewis is the new wife, the three share an awkward drink.

    Harry, Anita and Maddie line up at a popular restaurant.

    Robertson is furious with Bosch and Edgar accusing them of having info he needs. Billets suggests Holland is trying to frame Bosch. The four discuss possible motives and Rudy Tafero. Billets tells Robertson to solve it. Grace then asks if the Sharkey killing is related to the Meadows case, Bosch thinks it is, due to the type of wounds, common by Special Forces soldiers. Harry regrets being seen in public with the kid.

    Robertson meets Anderson and recants his story, the accusation did not run in the Tines yet. Anderson tries to blackmail Robertson but the detective dares him to write it.

    The cops looking for the KTK brief the Mayor. They have a witness sketch and a defined area, Irving says not to show to media yet. Later, Irving meets with Ramos, the Mayor suggests a possible choice for Chief, Irving doesn't like it, the Mayor still wants Irving.

    Bosch meets Sharkey's street pals with Crate and Barrel. They say it was a black BMW, the guys need prompting, one agrees to help the other stubbornly refuses. The teen picks out Xavi from photos Harry shows.

    Benitez outlines her strategy to O'Shea, but admits Crowe is nervous about being outed as an escort. O'Shea sighs when she mentions Bosch and warns her against a personal relationship with the cop.

    Harry tells Jerry the Sharkey murder weapon is a three inch curved blade. They decide to go find Xavi Moreno. Near the beach at a fish shop they see a black BMW in the garage and meet Xavi and his sexy girlfriend. He denies working for Dobbs and hadn't seen Meadows since they were in uniform. His alibis for the murders was being with the lady. Bosch and Xavi talk about the killing technique, Xavi dares them to get a warrant.

    Barrel will watch surveillance video, looking for Xavi's BMW plates.

    Robertson takes the Gunn murder book to Billets. He tells her the Times story is spiked. He's taking a fresh look at the evidence.

    Grace reads her email and sees she's only in group 4 of the Captain candidates, far down the list. She curses.

    Robertson shows photos of Bosch and Tafero to the tattooed barmaid, she hasn't seen either.

    Harry gets Maddie to lighten up his laptop 17 Nov 2am video of Gunn's apartment, he's able to get a good screenshot of the man entering.

    Dobbs sees Xavi at the waterfront, Dobbs knows about the cops meeting him and warns him not to act alone. Xavi thinks Woody is baked all day.

    Bosch sees Det. Pierce at the Station, Bosch suggests he re-print Gunn's apartment.

    Rudy Tafero reassures Andrew Hollland Annabelle Crowe will not be a problem. She has taken an offer from a third party. With Ffolkes they plan a Twitter feed #DownandDirtyDetective, then Holland goes swimming. Tafero and Marissa the attractive aide, share a joke.

    Jerry delivers Zankou Chicken and reports to Bosch that he found out Dobbs, Xavi and Woody were employed by A4 Dynamics until October probably Dobbs' company. Dobbs' credit cards show payments at Dubai Airport duty free shop.

    A man approaches two women at a garden, they are friends and he joins them with a bag of greens.

    Irving meets his divorce lawyer, Connie just sent her brother Craig. Irving signs the uncontested papers. Later, the brother is sorry but says Connie just wants to move on, the men shake hands amicably.

    Agent Goshen meets Bosch, he says Dobbs and his team went to Kabul for 6 months via Dubai, the second year in a row. Meadows didn't go the last time.

    At the Gunn apartment a tech finds evidence of fishing line abrasion on the door frame.

    At the container port Merch goes to a trailer and opens a seacan. He checks a tarp-wrapped bundle.

    Grace and Harry have a drink, she mentions her low standing on the Captains list, knows it was because of her relationship with Kiz Ryder. Harry is sad for Sharkey. Robertson is angry with Pierce for reprinting the apartment, he knows Bosch is hiding something. They do have new fingerprints to followup.

    Robertson and Pierce go to see the bail bondsman, they hear about the young Spanish woman who paid cash. The bondsman shows them Bosch's card also.

    At the port, Merch loads a skid of blue wrapped bundles in a van, Woody drives off.

    Scott Anderson and his editor see try the Down and Dirty tweets, they are upset at being scooped.

    Benitez and Bosch are shopping for Thanksgiving , she mentions she told the DA that Annabelle will testify, Bosch is surprised but Anita expects him to convince the reluctant witness.

    Dobbs, Xavi and Woody gleefully unwrap the bundles, neatly wrapped cash.

    The dead body of Merch washes ashore close to the container port.

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