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Karl Malden: Freddy Kassab



  • Freddy Kassab : Mildred, just listen to me for a minute. Page 25 of the Article 32 transcript: Jeff heard Colette scream "Help! Jeff, why are they doing this to me?" In the first place, the hippies were attacking Jeff in the living room while she was still in the bedroom. Who was she talking to? And not only that, how could she talk at all? She had severe stab wounds in her neck and her throat was cut.

    Mildred Kassab : Well, there must be some explanation. Maybe she managed to scream just before...

    Freddy Kassab : [interrupting]  Just a minute. Let me go on. Page 29: Jeff said that he was knocked back on the couch and felt like he was blacking out. Why didn't they finish him off? Those hippies that broke in killed everybody else, but why was he spared? He ended up with nothing but a severe scrape on his forehead and a stab wound to his left torso.

    Mildred Kassab : Freddy, you're not saying...

    Freddy Kassab : Page 26: Jeff heard Kimmy screaming, "Daddy! Daddy!" over and over. She was crying out "Daddy" with her skull crushed? Now mind you, with all the blood that was in the three bedrooms, they could not find one drop of blood on the living room floor and that's where he was fighting those intruders off... in the living room! Why? Now I ask you, why? Jeff claimed to have washed dishes that night. He claimed to have wore rubber cloves to wash dishes that night which explains the traces of latex powder residue on his hands. Mildred, you and I both know that we've never saw Jeff wash a dish in his life, with or without rubber gloves! He claimed to have used the kitchen phone to call for help, but there was no blood on that phone. His fingerprints weren't even on it.

    Mildred Kassab : I don't want to hear this!

    Freddy Kassab : Neither do I. I could go on and on. I've got a list here of 123 statements that Jeff made during the hearing that I know are false or at least impossible to believe. I'm telling you, Jeff's testimony doesn't make any sense. There's something wrong. Something terribly wrong. Mildred... we've lost everything we had. We had a family. And I'm telling you that if Jeff MacDonald really did it. If he really did kill Collette and his two daughters... I will never rest until I see justice done. Never!

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