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Kia Stevens: Tammé Dawson



  • Bash : I'd like to toast my mother for organizing all this.

    Birdie : Aw.

    Bash : But before I bring her up here, I'd like to... bring up some other... powerful, equally admirable women. Women who have struggled with drug addiction. Women who have found that, showing up at a gym every day, to learn how to wrestle, has kept them sober. These are the women of WAD. Wrestlers Against Drugs. They've come here tonight to share their stories. If you're moved to support them, please, open your hearts, and your checkbooks. Thank you.

    Birdie : For the love of God.

    Carmen Wade : My low point came two months ago, when I woke up on a bench at the mall, naked... and high.

    Reggie Walsh : Then I spent all my money on... the crack.

    Tammé Dawson : So my husband said, 'It's either me, or the crack.' I chose the crack.

    Stacey Beswick : Crack should be my middle name. And also my first and my last name.

    Rhonda Richardson : Eggs, bacon, bangers and mash, toast, Marmite, and crack.

    Melanie Rosen : I went to three rehabs. Uh, Hazelden was the best one, so, you know, you guys know... Now, if you have, like, a... If you have a fucked-up kid or whatever. Also, I did a lot of crack.

    Jenny Chey : [speaking in Cambodian]  ... crack!

    Birdie : Tell the girls to stop talking and introduce me.

    Bash : No, wait. Last one, last one.

    Ruth Wilder : I've... made a lot of terrible decisions. Some of them I don't even remember.


    Ruth Wilder : I hit rock bottom when I slept with my friend's husband. I was really wasted at the time. But... the second time, I wasn't. I knew what I was doing. I was sober and insecure, and I think I was acting out of this deep well of resentment. I didn't even know I had and it was just... buried. And then every... It all came out, and... fucked up a real friendship.


    Ruth Wilder : But then, I found wrestling... and it saved me. Coming to the gym every day, seeing... these women struggle... to use their bodies and... learn something new, and we did! And it's a better feeling than drugs. Crack, specifically.

    [Bash gives a thumbs up] 

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