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Murtaugh and the new guy: it was good while it lasted
Mr-Fusion16 October 2017
We've reached the point in Riggs' development where he may not want to punch his own ticket, but he's reclusive, withdrawing from human contact (perilous in its own right). Here, he finds a kindred spirit in a chemist behind an isolationist designer drug. Jordana Brewster has one of the best lines: "Riggs, don't burn your one bridge out of wherever it is you are."

'Homebodies' is a skillful mix of humor and sadness, fueling the episode's high level of involvement. Murtaugh gets a temp partner (to whom he mostly just complains about Riggs), and for such a one- note character, Henry Cho works, mostly because he's the well- adjusted partner that Murtaugh can only dream of having ("You get me, Cho"). But there's great banter between the two.

It's a well-written episode; funny, poignant, and an excellent reminder or Riggs' long road ahead.

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