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It may be a film that rubs some the wrong way – those who hate Villains will hate it with a fervent passion, I fear – but for everyone else, this is quite the lovely little oddball.
Villains is wacky off the walls fun and it constructs a solid sandbox for its actors to play in and deliver four colorfully captivating performances about the shades and degrees of human wickedness.
Villains stumbles early on. However, due to the precise editing, excellent design work, and a cast that knock it out of the park at every turn, the film is still highly enjoyable.
With a surprising amount of side laughs and an isolated, elaborately decorated chamber in the woods full of opportunities, Villains sets an intriguing stage for a quartet of skilled performers, all clearly enjoying the chance to fly their freak flags to comical effect.
This black comedy thriller has a good cast to spark a scenario that’s intriguing enough to hold attention, if not quite clever enough to be a knockout.
Villains is a workmanlike thriller with a pair of memorable performances and a simplistic premise.
Berk and Olsen’s script only skims the surface of what is really going on here, and yet Villains remains a delightfully slick dip in the shallow end of the pool. You may leave wanting a longer swim, but enjoy the sick fun while it lasts.
Washington Post
If you’re a fan of broad black comedy — the kind in which someone blasts a hole in someone else’s head, and then the next camera shot is framed by that gaping aperture — Villains may be your cup of strong tea. The dialogue by writer-directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen is less than witty, and peppered with a heavy sprinkling of dully numbing f-bombs.
Maika Monroe’s engaging performance serves only to highlight how feeble and unconvincing the rest of the film is.
Despite some committed performances, particularly from a refreshingly natural Maika Monroe, Villains is a hackneyed farce rich in gimmicks and poor in substance.

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