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Hours of fun
obrienigm21 August 2017
Norm Macdonald Live is a fantastic show.The Jack Carter episode in particular was superb (you could create a whole series around these old time comics telling their stories before its too late)The humour wont be to everyone's taste, as it is rather near the knuckle, but if you are not easily offended please check it out.Some episodes had me crying with laughter. It creates it's own unique vibe, and at it best, it's as good as it gets for these type of podcast shows. For me the Gilbert Godfreid and David Spade shows stood out, but if you like Norm you will love all of this.
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The best chat show ever
denzil-0943415 November 2017
The best chat show guest ever finally makes his own chat show. The genre is now dead in the UK but this is better than it ever was.

I recommend you watch the Dana Carvey episode and the Stephen Merchant episode to start with. In the Carvey episode, Dana is such an excellent guest, giving so much, that Norm pretty much keeps quiet. Stephen Merchant is a great counterpoint. He's so tight arse, PC gun shy and generally British that it could have been a disaster but Norm cavorts around and manages not only to make the show good, but to make Merchant look good.

I tell ya. This young MacDonald is quite the talent. Give 'im a few years and darned if the kid mightn't make it yet.
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Watched and Listened Twice Now
NelioCuomo15 September 2018
Norm Macdonald Live sometimes is a great study in great people, sometimes a time capsule of old great comics, but always hysterically funny how level jokes.

Very glad to go back and watch every episode after listening to them as they came out.

They're timeless and better than any video podcast or television talk show around today.
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