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Season 2

16 Oct. 2018
Sign Language
After they've slept together, Lena arranges a romantic getaway on the beach to determine whether she and Martin are meant to be together.
23 Oct. 2018
Asking for a Friend
Martin finds every way he can to avoid asking Lisa Apple if she is pregnant; Lena worries Mason is changing himself to please his new girlfriend; Maya tells Frank a made-up story about a friend who is dating someone new.
30 Oct. 2018
We Need to Talk About Karen
Lena decides to call Martin's bluff on selling the house but is surprised when he begins getting the house ready for sale; Lena tries to cheer up Mae by inviting her friend from camp to visit; the friend seemingly brings supernatural events with her.
13 Nov. 2018
War of the Wagners
Lena and Martin battle for control. Lena wants to instill hope in the kids but Martin wants to give them reality. Milo anounces he wants to move out and go to a school for the gifted.
20 Nov. 2018
Yes, Deer
Lena and Martin have opposing mind-sets over the new contractor's repair methods; Martin takes Mason camping to help him get over his breakup with Hazel and to teach him how to be a man, but learns from him that it is okay to express his emotions.
27 Nov. 2018
Glowing Pains
Lena tries to support Maya with her pregnancy, only to get accused of being too controlling; after Martin reads Mae's diary, he suspects that she is romantically involved with her teacher and panics.
4 Dec. 2018
Paige Turner
Vlad announces that construction on the house is almost finished; Martin begins dating a divorcee who works in his building; Camille tries to be a good influence on Arthur's nephew.
11 Dec. 2018
After Lena and Vlad's unexpected kiss, things get more complicated as they begin their new work partnership while working with a new client. Elsewhere, Martin goes to Paige's house for more privacy and gets a glimpse into what a more typical divorced home life is, causing him to become uneasy. Back at home, Mason and Mae go head-to-head after Mae finds out that Mason has a crush on a pretentious girl at school.
8 Jan. 2019
Contact High
Frazzled by her intimate dream about Martin, Lena accidentally injures her tooth and reluctantly goes to the dentist; Martin escorts Lena to Mae's parent-teacher conference after she inadvertently gets high; Maya asks a familiar face out on a date.
15 Jan. 2019
Lena tries to figure out if Mae is romantically involved with her new friend. Martin worries about Mason's new relationship.
22 Jan. 2019
Baby's First Job Interview
Camille urges Lena to become more active on social media to get her business off the ground; Martin takes over for Lena as Milo's room parent and investigates why Milo is feared by his classmates.
12 Feb. 2019
Luv Ya 2
After a doctor's visit, Arthur learns he's under stress due to the approach of Valentine's Day; Arthur asks Camille if they can take a break from the holiday; Lena decides she wants to cook a platonic Valentine's Day dinner for Martin.
19 Feb. 2019
Everything's Okay
Lena confirms that she has feelings for Martin but is confused when his response is not what she expects; to escape the situation, Lena joins Camille and Maya on a road trip; Martin, Arthur, Frank and Henry chase after the women.
26 Feb. 2019
Annie, Are You Okay?
Lisa's unexpected pregnancy is more complicated than Lena and Martin anticipated; Lena decides to help Lisa despite her not wanting them involved in the baby's life; Mae and Mason try to force Lena to admit that she and Martin are back together.
19 Mar. 2019
The Pump Station
Martin grows suspicious of Lena's strange behavior when she begins sneaking out of the house to secretly help Lisa Apple with her baby; Martin takes Mae on a driving lesson.
26 Mar. 2019
Lena and Martin announce to the kids that Lisa Apple's baby is their half-sister; Mason overhears Lena and Martin's conversation about Lisa's financial difficulties and decides to start a fundraising campaign to help.
2 Apr. 2019
Go Out the Lights
Lena and Martin plan a fun outing, only to be interrupted by a blackout; Lena urges Maya to get induced but must honor her birthing plan; Martin continues to try and figure out where his relationship with Lisa stands.
9 Apr. 2019
Welcome Home
Milo complains that Grandparents Day is coming up at school and doesn't feel Henry is interesting enough to participate, so Lena and the kids urge Martin to reconnect with his long-estranged father.

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