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The astonishing thing about Gilbert is the behind-the-curtain record it provides of the real Gilbert Gottfried.
As an unlikely love story, this movie excels, presenting a relationship so affectionate and warm that it overwhelms the jokes.
Gilbert emerges as a tenderly observed, remarkably insightful keeper.
It is, in some spots, an emotional film thanks to the intimacy it shows between Gottfried and his family, but avoids being too saccharine. Thankfully, the comedian’s foul mouth probably helps the film from going too far into weepy territory.
Village Voice
In Neil Berkeley’s documentary Gilbert, we’re gifted with intimate moments from the comedian’s life.
Gilbert is less interested in the ups and downs of Gottfried's public life than in showing what we've never seen.
Gilbert exposes a wealth of unsuspected pain and tenderness beneath Gottfried's often thorny exterior.
The insights offered from the almost two-dozen show biz luminaries are not always commonplace, and Gottfried is always an interesting screen presence, even when he’s far removed from his persona.

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