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  • Forthcoming conflicts over resource claims in the arctic. Now that climate change has enabled free passage of ships through the arctic there will be conflicting ownership claims involving Russia, USA, Canada and probably China.



The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • After a meeting at the UN with China is cancelled Elizabeth takes a meeting with a diplomat from Timor Leste. Before the subject of the meeting can be voiced the diplomat drops dead. Although the death is ruled a heart attack, Elizabeth doubts it and has her brother analyze the blood from the dead man that wound up on her jacket.

    As the fake news machine from the Alt-Right fringe begins rumors that Elizabeth murdered the man, abetted by an unscrupulous US Senator, her suspicions prove correct and she is determined to discover why the man was killed. Digging, she and her staff determine a drug cartel has taken over the country to use as a base to export drugs to China and the cartel was behind the murder of the man trying to stop them. Elizabeth enlists the help of China to stop this incursion.

    (Her staff tries to make light of her being accused of murder, although these attempts fall short, especially when Russell berates her for going on a TV show and confronting the hostile host for helping to spread the false allegations.)

    Meanwhile Dr. McCord's protege Dmitri is screened for his undercover work. He is given a polygraph test which he passes, although later he boasts to his sister that the KGB schooled him on how to beat the test when he was a teenager. Dmitri's reliance on pain killers from injuries sustained when he was tortured begins to show his darker side.

    At home, Ali prepares to head off to college an hour away. Although she cannot drive her there, Elizabeth manages to show up at the school to check out the surroundings (and meet the seemingly clueless roommate), although the rumors that she is a murderess follow her there.

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