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Applause! Applause!
sed4519 October 2017
I couldn't help but applaud out loud Nadine Tolliver's comments to Russel Jackson. You tell him, Nadine!

Excellent use of all the silliness with fake news going on these days.


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check detail please!
bimokresno23 July 2018
I know it's too late, i just saw the episode. it's about timor leste. early scene, it's mentioned that timor leste might concern about china and south chine sea...why? did the writer never checked the maps???? timor leste way way too far from south china sea. the country does not have any sea border with the south china sea, timor leste it's just north of australia. the countries that must concern about south china sea are vietnam, the philippines, malaysia, brunei darrussalam, and kampuche! and the president of timor leste acted by chinese actor (tzi ma)? yes, the name of the president was correctly use a portuguess name, but timor leste people are not oriental...using blac brazillian actor would be more acceptable! most of timor leste have dark skin like pacific people! how i know all these? i'm an indonesian and timor leste was used to be a part of indonesia. and timor leste and my country share an island, timor leste which the west side is part of indonesia and east side is actual timor leste. timor leste people using portuguese name and language, english also use for official.
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