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Asian daytime TV not HBO
cheeftanz17 September 2017
OK, this show appeals to? Not us, my wife is Vietnamese... we both want the programming in Asia to be meatier.

It's not actually HBO, it is embarrassingly sub-par... nothing remotely like fine heavy (even dark) shows like Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire (or any of the hard-hitting and ball-crunching series that we have been graced with otherwise). This plays like a simple candied and fluffy sitcom television series for preteens, little tinkling bells, ha ha moments that are not really ha ha... super light, and so much filler that after one episode we have seen enough (fat ass?). But it will be here all month...akkk.

With Netflix and others now putting out an over-abundance of top notch entertainment that we are now subscribing to in Vietnam, this will never ever get watched not ever ever ever by anyone I know... not ever...

Sorry HBO, this is a miss big time... "Serangoon Road" was also brutally bad "Asia HBO", and it was even worse (and we all knew it will be canceled immediately). Bubbly is OK, but this show is still not truly funny.. stick these in local programming please or Netflix will gobble you up. Uhhhh
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