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Hill Harper: Dr. Marcus Andrews



  • Dr. Marcus Andrews : Autism, a mental condition characterized by difficulty in communicating and using language and abstract concepts. That's the definition. Does it sound like I'm describing a surgeon?

    Dr. Aaron Glassman : He's not Rain Man. He's high-functioning. He's capable of living on his own, capable of managing his own affairs.

    Dr. Marcus Andrews : High-functioning. Is that our new hiring standard?

    Dr. Aaron Glassman : If it were, you wouldn't be here. I'm sorry, is this really necessary? Really? A special meeting of the Board of Directors - as much as I love you all - questioning one of my hiring decisions? Did you bother to look up the definition of "President" while you were skimming the dictionary?

  • Dr. Marcus Andrews : The vote was clear. Why are we re-opening this? Is it really because of a piece of publicity?

    Jessica Preston : It's because the man just saved somebody's life.

    Dr. Marcus Andrews : And thank God for that, but it doesn't change a single thing we discussed.

    Dr. Aaron Glassman : Give him six months. If he proves anything less than excellent...

    Dr. Marcus Andrews : Someone "less than excellent" means someone else dies.

    Dr. Aaron Glassman : Well, I... I would love to make you happy, Doctor. I would love to hire someone who never, ever makes a mistake. Unfortunately, God already has a job.

    Dr. Marcus Andrews : I can accept that he will have insights that none of the rest of us will have. Can you accept that he will make mistakes none of the rest of us will make? You won't be the one who pays the price.

    Dr. Aaron Glassman : If Shaun doesn't live up to everything I know he can do, he will be immediately released. And I will resign my position as president of this hospital.

  • Dr. Marcus Andrews : A surgeon needs to communicate. Not just information, but sympathy, empathy. Can Dr. Murphy do that? He can't even reliably show up for a job interview. Are you gonna sit here and tell us that there were no equally qualified young surgeons, surgeons without this one's... issues?

    Dr. Aaron Glassman : No. Which is why - exactly why - we should hire Shaun. We should hire him because he is qualified and because he is different. How long ago was it that we wouldn't hire black doctors in this hospital? How m... how long ago was it that we wouldn't hire female doctors at this hospital?

    Dr. Marcus Andrews : So you're comparing being African-American or a woman with being autistic. Please, go on.

    Dr. Aaron Glassman : Okay. The rationalization is exactly the same. Words like "temperament" and "Oh, no! Ohh! How are the patients going to react?". Aren't we judged by how we treat people? I don't mean as doctors. I mean as people. Especially those who... who don't have the same advantages that we have. We hire Shaun, and we give hope to those people with limitations and that those limitations are not what they think they are, that they *do* have a shot! We hire Shaun, and we make this hospital better for it. We hire Shaun, and we are better people for it.

    Dr. Marcus Andrews : We'd be "better people", spending a lot more on malpractice insurance.

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