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My five year old loves it.
brokenface31213 July 2018
It's a kids show. It's not annoying as other kids shows. My son loves it, so that's enough for 10/10.
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Best animated series!
AgentMike515 January 2020
As I first watched this and the holiday special on Amazon Prime, I have noticed that it is truly based from the best selling "If you Give" book series and these animals follow their adventures with humans around them. Indeed this is truly a must see on Amazon Prime. Kids love their adventures and some songs that is catchy and rhythm together. So give this a chance and I betcha you'll love it.
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At first, great! Now it's mind-numbingly annoying...
catosbabydoll10 November 2019
When this show first came out, I thought it would be a fun adaptation from the books, which I enjoy reading with my son, and we LOVED it! After my son has watched through these episodes over twenty times, I am seeing more negatives than positives about this show.

  • The kid characters are made to be more racially correct vs. the books. For instance, Leo is a blonde, white kid in "If You Give a Moose a Muffin," but is a black kid in the show. Henry is also a blonde-ish, white kid in "If You Give a Dog a Donut," but is portrayed as Asian here. Maybe the creators wanted to be more inclusive for other children watching and reading?

  • No one freaks out about the idea of TALKING, anthropomorphic animals hanging out with the children. There are no other children hanging out them in the neighborhood, or other animal "pets" spending time with them, besides Mouse, Pig, Moose, Dog, and Cat (Daisy is the exception later in the season).

  • The animals do have their unique personalities, but there's a pattern to them not learning from their mistakes. For instance...
Pig is sweet, but inconsiderate at times, like volunteering the gang to participate in a dance recital without asking them to join, seeing if they're interested, or making sure their schedules are cleared to even participate...after making flyers to her dance recital at her house that lasted for 30 seconds. Mouse is courageous and determined, but can be overly dramatic when things go wrong, because he doesn't understand consequences when he thinks he can do it all himself, especially as a small animal in a humanized world. Dog is loyal, but extremely forgetful, sometimes making things difficult on others to always help him remember tasks. Does it mean he can't be trusted to do anything himself? Cat is creative, but never tests his inventions until he puts on a big display for the first time using them...and then realizes that there are more kinks than intended...maybe make sure they work correctly instead of putting your friends in potential harm? And Moose is helpful and the biggest animal of them all, but he's easily terrified of certain things, like ghosts, the dark, and dinosaurs, even though he's with all his friends to encourage him.

  • I understand that it's close to the books with using the phrase "If you give/see/hear/etc.," but for this phrase to help the gang make EVERY decision in life is overkill! They even have to cut off someone saying similar phrases, because everyone else used it in a perilous situation (see the floating Dinosaur episode).

  • The show has their expectations that aren't even close to the real world. ANYTHING they do is ALWAYS approved by the public. For instance, Pig helps make a gazebo within a minute-montage, and then asks construction workers, who are doing a legit job, if they'd like a break for a tea party; for some reason, they happily oblige. In another episode, she disrupts a live ballet performance with her own dancing, due to rounding up toys that just so happened to wander on the stage.
Cat makes a robot powered by cupcakes...how does a mechanical machine run on baked goods, or any kind of food that fuels a biological organism's stomach? And when it gets sent to trick or treat for Cat, it brings back machine parts, like gears and bolts to eat??? They almost always win at EVERYTHING they do. Moose was a VERY late entry to a pie contest, but he won anyway. Henry and Dog won the three-legged race at the fair. Oliver always gets the win for the team, whether it's soccer or baseball. Are the main characters filled with success powers? You do see Oliver's mom at times, but why aren't any other parents showing involvement or presence on the show? Is this reality? Sorry, but this is setting kids up for all kinds of failure if they attempt and expect it.

While I'm normally an optimist in life, I'm finding myself to be a realist with this show. I honestly either nap through it or occupy my time with something constructive when my son watches it lately. Yeah, anything can happen in a cartoon, but there's gotta be some balance here, right?
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