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David Ramsey: John Diggle



  • Oliver Queen : Felicity's having trouble locating the new Green Arrow using surveillance and keyhole satellite technology, but I think we both know A.R.G.U.S. has satellites off the books.

    John Diggle : Oliver, you come in here with guns blazing, asking for satellite access you shouldn't even know about.

    Oliver Queen : I'm simply asking if I can have your help on this one.

    John Diggle : Well, Oliver, yes, but, look, I need a little bit more information. I'm quite sure you're not this animated because this missing Green Arrow copied your hood.

    Oliver Queen : She was abducted, John, and I need to find her.

    John Diggle : How do you know he's a she?

    Oliver Queen : Because she's my sister.

    John Diggle : Thea?

    Oliver Queen : I have another sister. My mother wasn't the only one who had an affair.

    John Diggle : Who'd have known that wearing a hood and carrying a bow and arrow runs in a gene pool?

  • John Diggle : [learning about Emiko]  How long have you know about this?

    Oliver Queen : A month.

    John Diggle : A month.

    Oliver Queen : I didn't keep it from you. I don't do that anymore. I mean, you have to admit, we haven't exactly been running in the same circles lately.

    John Diggle : Lately. "Lately"'s been nearly a year, Oliver. But I get it. We have not been looped in.

  • Curtis Holt : You rang, boss?

    John Diggle : I did. Oliver needs access to the black watch satellites.

    Curtis Holt : Is he supposed to know about those? You know about those?

    Oliver Queen : You've met my wife, right, Curtis?

    Curtis Holt : Great point.

  • Oliver Queen : You know I know what you're going to say, right?

    John Diggle : I do.

    Oliver Queen : Best way to stop Chimera is by drawing him out?

    John Diggle : Exactly.

    Oliver Queen : Not with hundreds of people there, John. This guy has taken down four vigilantes. He is out of the SCPD's league.

    John Diggle : Yes, he is. But not Team Arrow's.

    Oliver Queen : What? No. No. There's-there's no world in which Pollard will allow Dinah to deputize all of you, and I'm certainly not gonna risk you going to prison for violating the Anti-Vigilante Law.

  • Oliver Queen : Even if I was willing to take that risk, there... there is no Team Arrow anymore.

    John Diggle : But there is. Oliver, there is. It's just changed. We may not have been Team Arrow when you were in Slabside, but we had each other's backs. Just give us a chance, man, to have yours.

    Oliver Queen : You could go to prison.

    John Diggle : So? You did it for us. Which never really sat right with me. Only reason why is because it wasn't right, Oliver. We have fights, disagreements, recriminations, but it doesn't matter because we are a team. And nothing's gonna change that.

    Oliver Queen : John, I made a lot of mistakes.

    John Diggle : We all did. That's why they're called mistakes, Oliver. You learn from them, you move forward. We... we get better.

  • Laurel Lance : Well, this is another fine mess you all have managed to get yourselves into.

    John Diggle : We were aware of the risk.

    Rene Ramirez : All of us.

    Curtis Holt : I think I know the answer to this, but is there any way for us to avoid sharing Oliver's old cell?

    Laurel Lance : As the District Attorney, I can decline to press charges.

    Rene Ramirez : Great.

    John Diggle : But by going out tonight, we violated the AVL.

    Rene Ramirez : Not so great.

  • Oliver Queen : I'm sorry. I never should have let all of you go out there with me tonight.

    Curtis Holt : You didn't let us do anything.

    Rene Ramirez : It was the right thing to do.

    John Diggle : In more ways than one, Oliver. It felt good. It felt right, like being heroes.

    Rene Ramirez : Being a team. Even if it was for the last time.

  • Curtis Holt : What does that mean, "he's coming for you"?

    John Diggle : This Chimera...

    Curtis Holt : [playing to the cameras]  I'm really glad that name's catching on.

    John Diggle : Hey. He's hunting vigilantes.

    Dinah Drake : So, it's like an anti-vigilante vigilante.

    John Diggle : More like a predator, or a lion trying to take down the biggest in the jungle.

    Dinah Drake : That's quite a leap.

    John Diggle : Tell that to Rene, who was nearly cut in half had it not been for the Kevlar. Or Rory or Helena, neither of which we can get in contact with. Oliver and I came across this collection of masks in Chimera's underground lair. He had 'em all on display, almost like trophies.

  • John Diggle : Any word?

    Oliver Queen : Best guess is she has a concussion and a couple of broken ribs. I'm having Dr. Scwartz examine her discreetly.

    Dinah Drake : Did she give you any intel on Chimera?

    Oliver Queen : Is that what we're calling him?

    Curtis Holt : I can only hope. I mean, it would be nice.

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