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Emily Bett Rickards: Felicity Smoak



  • Felicity Smoak : You know, I kind of hate the word "vigilante." It just feels like such a... disrespectful term. You know, call them what they are: heroes.

  • William Clayton : I found a firewall breach with a Bluetooth incursion. It had to be you.

    Felicity Smoak : [he roughly hands her his tablet]  O.K.! Whoa. I programmed a virus so that it would infect anything that tried to log on to our wifi for security purposes. It wasn't personal.

    William Clayton : Take it off right now.

    Felicity Smoak : Okay. Whoa. What is going on with you? I haven't seen anybody this unhappy to be home since I had to go back to Vegas after my first year of M.I.T.

    William Clayton : I'm just pissed about my tablet.

    Felicity Smoak : You were pissed a long time before you found my virus, which is for your protection, by the way. Really good job on finding it. I mean... do you want to talk?

    William Clayton : [turning to leave]  No.

    Felicity Smoak : That wasn't so much a suggestion as it was more one of those "mom" things where if you don't talk now, you're grounded, so...

  • William Clayton : Why didn't you let me come home for Christmas break?

    Felicity Smoak : Oh, well... trust me, things here were very complicated.

    William Clayton : I was the only kid left at school, and then when I come back here, dad's in the middle of making some movie.

    Felicity Smoak : It's a documentary. It's... I'm sorry. I thought you'd be happy to be home. We're so happy that you're home. We missed you.

    William Clayton : [recoiling as she moves to hug him]  Then you shouldn't have sent me away.

    Felicity Smoak : That is not fair.

    William Clayton : [turning to leave]  Yeah. Neither is getting shipped off to boarding school.

  • William Clayton : I saw what happened on the news. Where's dad?

    Felicity Smoak : Oh, he just came across a very unexpected... completely expected setback. But he will be fine. It's actually... you I'm worried about.

    William Clayton : I told you...

    Felicity Smoak : That you've been lying to me. I went to go check your midterm results online, and I came across a very convincing, and very fake, version of your school's website.

    William Clayton : Felicity...

    Felicity Smoak : And I didn't come across any test results because you didn't take the exams. Why?

    William Clayton : Because I got expelled.

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