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Kirk Acevedo: Ricardo Diaz



  • Felicity Smoak : You don't get to go free.

    Ricardo Diaz : Honey, didn't we go through this already? You don't have what it takes.

    Felicity Smoak : [cocking her gun's hammer]  I do, and I'm not scared of you, and I am stronger than you are, which is why I'm not going to kill you.

    [from behind, Dig knocks Diaz out] 

    Felicity Smoak : I thought Dante was the objective.

    John Diggle : He is the objective, just not the priority. Not this time.

  • Virgil : Ricardo Diaz. And here I thought the almighty Dragon was in prison.

    Ricardo Diaz : No prison could hold me. You should know that.

  • Virgil : You know, Mr. Diaz, I was, uh... I was happy to get your call. My employer would like to know when he can collect on your debt. The Longbow Hunters were not cheap.

    Ricardo Diaz : We have a proposition, and I think it'll cover more than what I owe.

    Virgil : That's intriguing.

    [flipping a coin in the air] 

    Virgil : Too bad it wasn't made in good faith, though.

    [guns are drawn around the Ghosts] 

    Virgil : Kill them, except for Mr. Diaz. Dante will deal with him personally tonight.

  • Lyla Michaels : Harbinger's in position. Sitrep?

    John Diggle : I count eleven, twelve guards in this room alone. We have to move on Dante after the meet.

    Lyla Michaels : Agreed. You copy that, Diaz?

    Ricardo Diaz : Sure thing, boss. Can't wait for you to meet Dante.

    Lyla Michaels : Joke all you want. Just remember, we're only keeping you alive so you can ID Dante. After that, all bets are off.

  • Lyla Michaels : Overwatch, what's your status?

    Felicity Smoak : The feed is live, but five of the cameras are down in the southeast corridor. One guess as to why.

    Lyla Michaels : That's where we'll find Dante and the princess. They don't want eyes on the exchange.

    John Diggle : Hold on. What the hell is Director Bell doing here?

    Lyla Michaels : Son of a bitch. He's Dante's source.

    Ricardo Diaz : Looks like somebody owes me an apology.

  • Kane Wolfman : Just like my father taught me.

    Ricardo Diaz : He should have taught you how to aim, boy. You'd be lucky to break skin.

    China White : Do you two ever stop talking?

    [the fighting continues, when an arrow flies through the air] 

    Carrie Cutter : [feigning innocence]  Oops.

    John Diggle : [entering]  That is enough. You're supposed to be training, not trying to kill each other.

    Carrie Cutter : Aww. Why you got to ruin all the fun?

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