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David Ramsey: John Diggle



  • Felicity Smoak : You don't get to go free.

    Ricardo Diaz : Honey, didn't we go through this already? You don't have what it takes.

    Felicity Smoak : [cocking her gun's hammer]  I do, and I'm not scared of you, and I am stronger than you are, which is why I'm not going to kill you.

    [from behind, Dig knocks Diaz out] 

    Felicity Smoak : I thought Dante was the objective.

    John Diggle : He is the objective, just not the priority. Not this time.

  • Felicity Smoak : The Ghost Initiative sounds a lot like Task Force X.

    Oliver Queen : Didn't Lyla shelve that years ago?

    John Diggle : She did, but there's now a more immediate, more dangerous target that the brass at A.R.G.U.S., even above Lyla, is preventing us from pursuing. We're using the Ghost Initiative to go after this target without their oversight.

    Felicity Smoak : Well, I love a spontaneous OTA moment as much as the next person, but you didn't really come here to tell us about resurrecting an old A.R.G.U.S. defunct program, did you?

    John Diggle : It's not about the program. It's about who's in it. Ricardo Diaz.

    Felicity Smoak : You have to be joking. You're working with the man who threatened and tried to kill my entire family?

    Oliver Queen : I think it's important to hear what John has to say.

    John Diggle : Look, working with this monster is a small price to pay for bringing down a much larger threat. Diaz was the only one we could use to get close to this guy, and I promise you he is a million times worse.

  • Felicity Smoak : So Diaz is just walking around free right now in exchange for intel?

    John Diggle : He's not free, Felicity. He has a bomb in his head. If he makes one misstep... we are taking every precaution.

    Felicity Smoak : Well, I understand why Curtis left.

    Oliver Queen : Hey.

    Felicity Smoak : You can't really be okay with this.

    Oliver Queen : No. But I-I trust John, and I believe that he would only take a step like this if he had no other choice.

    John Diggle : There was no other choice. And I hate that it came to this, but Lyla and I believe that using the Ghost Initiative is the best way to take down this threat.

    Felicity Smoak : You realize that this is the second time you have prioritized your job over keeping your friends safe?

    John Diggle : Working with A.R.G.U.S. does keep you safe, because it makes the world safe.

    Felicity Smoak : You can keep telling yourself that.

  • John Diggle : Your job is to meet with Virgil, convince him that he should be in business with you. You get through Virgil, you get a meeting with Dante.

    China White : So our first mission is a meeting? That is way below our pay grade.

    Carrie Cutter : Wait. We're getting paid?

  • Kane Wolfman : This is my kind of place.

    China White : This used to be a Triad hangout.

    John Diggle : Everyone, focus. The objective is to find Virgil, and get him to agree to your deal.

    China White : Where *is* Virgil?

    Virgil : Ah, speak of the devil and he shall appear.

  • Lyla Michaels : We just finished the analysis of the phone call between Diaz and Virgil. No obvious ciphers or patterns.

    John Diggle : Okay. Well, if Diaz was telling the truth, then Virgil must have been tipped off by someone else.

    Lyla Michaels : Probably the same someone who's been blocking us at A.R.G.U.S., and now they know we're using the Ghost Initiative to go after Dante. We need to catch him before they shut us down completely. Any luck figuring out his next move?

    John Diggle : Well, we did manage to find this. It's an Italian Florin coin circa 1300s.

    Lyla Michaels : Wouldn't have pegged Virgil as a coin collector.

    John Diggle : He wasn't. It's a fake. Turns out there's a microchip hidden inside.

    Lyla Michaels : Well, that sounds promising.

    John Diggle : Unfortunately, the data's very heavily encrypted. I don't really trust giving it to an A.R.G.U.S. analyst, but Curtis did leave us his decryption algorithm.

    Lyla Michaels : Considerate of him.

    John Diggle : It's gonna take a while.

    Lyla Michaels : Well, hopefully not too long. If Dante's in town, it must be for something big.

  • John Diggle : We have a lead on Dante's location.

    [seeing her look] 

    John Diggle : What's wrong?

    Lyla Michaels : I got a call from the Pentagon. They want me in front of the Joint Chiefs tomorrow. They're going to ask for my resignation.

    John Diggle : Lyla, I'm so sorry. I should have never forced your hand with the Ghost Initiative.

    Lyla Michaels : I backed that play with open eyes, Johnny, and I stand by it now.

    John Diggle : Still, I never thought it would mean you losing your job.

    Lyla Michaels : Then we better make it count. Dante is within our grasp, and we may not have another chance. Now tell me about that lead.

  • John Diggle : Well, Curtis' algorithm absolutely worked. According to the microchip in the coin, Virgil was using it as some sort of storage device for all kinds of data, including a forged diplomatic credential from the Quraci embassy. There's a delegation there tonight with a very interesting guest of honor: Princess Noor Harjavti.

    Lyla Michaels : Rumor has it Princess Noor is planning a revolution.

    John Diggle : So she needs Dante's money to fund her palace coup, which may be the reason why he's in town, to make the deal.

    Lyla Michaels : We need to get into the embassy and stop that deal from happening and nab Dante.

    John Diggle : Copy that. Only one problem. We have no idea how Dante looks.

    Lyla Michaels : We know somebody who does.

    John Diggle : Diaz. Which means we have to put him back in the field.

    Lyla Michaels : That's not our biggest problem. The Ghost Initiative is blown, and we can't rely on anyone at A.R.G.U.S., and we cannot go in there without backup.

    John Diggle : [getting an idea]  Maybe we don't have to.

  • Lyla Michaels : Harbinger's in position. Sitrep?

    John Diggle : I count eleven, twelve guards in this room alone. We have to move on Dante after the meet.

    Lyla Michaels : Agreed. You copy that, Diaz?

    Ricardo Diaz : Sure thing, boss. Can't wait for you to meet Dante.

    Lyla Michaels : Joke all you want. Just remember, we're only keeping you alive so you can ID Dante. After that, all bets are off.

  • Lyla Michaels : Overwatch, what's your status?

    Felicity Smoak : The feed is live, but five of the cameras are down in the southeast corridor. One guess as to why.

    Lyla Michaels : That's where we'll find Dante and the princess. They don't want eyes on the exchange.

    John Diggle : Hold on. What the hell is Director Bell doing here?

    Lyla Michaels : Son of a bitch. He's Dante's source.

    Ricardo Diaz : Looks like somebody owes me an apology.

  • John Diggle : Well, Diaz will be taken back to Slabside for reneging on his side of the deal. This time, he'll stay there.

    Oliver Queen : Still need to think about Dante. He's not gonna forget what happened tonight.

    Felicity Smoak : I won't, either. You could've gone after Dante, but you chose Diaz.

    John Diggle : Last year, I had the opportunity to catch Diaz, and I let it slip through my fingers. I wasn't gonna make the same mistake twice.

    Felicity Smoak : Well, what about Dante being the greater threat?

    John Diggle : When I knew there was a choice between catching Diaz or Dante, all I could think about was what letting Diaz go meant to you last time, Felicity, so in that moment, I decided that sometimes the best choice is to just protect your family, and that's exactly what you two are.

  • Lyla Michaels : Agent Bell will be getting a hero's funeral. The official story is he was at the embassy on a covert assignment that went awry.

    John Diggle : Right. So it's a cover-up. Okay. What about the Ghost Initiative?

    Lyla Michaels : It's being suspended.

    John Diggle : Well, that's some good news.

    Lyla Michaels : That's all the good news. We lost Dante, and I lost my last chance to get him.

    John Diggle : You didn't lose your last chance. I'll be the one to resign. Look. We will tell them that I took out the Ghost Initiative without your consent and without your knowledge.

    Lyla Michaels : No. This is my responsibility.

    John Diggle : Lyla, listen to me. We have no idea how far this conspiracy goes. If you step down as director, we may never find out the truth.

    Lyla Michaels : Being terminated for an opsec violation will ruin your career.

    John Diggle : But you'll still have yours. Let me take this fall for the family.

  • Kane Wolfman : Just like my father taught me.

    Ricardo Diaz : He should have taught you how to aim, boy. You'd be lucky to break skin.

    China White : Do you two ever stop talking?

    [the fighting continues, when an arrow flies through the air] 

    Carrie Cutter : [feigning innocence]  Oops.

    John Diggle : [entering]  That is enough. You're supposed to be training, not trying to kill each other.

    Carrie Cutter : Aww. Why you got to ruin all the fun?

  • Lyla Michaels : The op in Cairo was a bust. Dante's emissary Virgil managed to evade us.

    John Diggle : Virgil was our only contact to Dante. All that effort to trick Diaz into giving up the number, and we're back to square one.

    Lyla Michaels : Not completely. We still have the records from Virgil's phone. That could lead us to Dante.

    John Diggle : Meantime, Dante is wreaking havoc, financing terrorists all over the world. I was hoping to be done with this group by now.

    Lyla Michaels : I know. The only thing anyone knows about this operation is that Diaz is a part of the Ghost Initiative, but the longer this takes, the more likely A.R.G.U.S. brass is to find out the real reason for the Ghost Initiative is to go after Dante.

    John Diggle : It's time to tell Oliver and Felicity. Our position now is riskier than ever. The less secrets we have, the better.

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