"Arrow" Brothers & Sisters (TV Episode 2019) Poster

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Juliana Harkavy: Dinah Drake


  • Adult Zoe Ramirez : I don't know how we're gonna use this old stuff to find Felicity. It's like a tech time capsule.

    Dinah Drake : Here goes nothing.

    Adult Zoe Ramirez : [the power, and the computers, turn on]  Whoa.

    Adult William Clayton : And we have liftoff.

  • Adult William Clayton : My sister? No. That's not possible.

    Mia Smoak : I wish it wasn't, but here I am. Now get the damn gun off me.

    Adult Zoe Ramirez : He will when you stop lying.

    Dinah Drake : It just doesn't make any sense. We all knew Oliver and Felicity. They never had a daughter.

    Mia Smoak : Guess you didn't know them as well as you think.

  • Mia Smoak : I thought you had Archer. Why do you need all this old junk?

    Adult William Clayton : Because as advanced as Archer is, it was designed for the Glades. This system was built for Star City. So who am I looking for again?

    Mia Smoak : Uh, some guy. Paul Loiseau. SCPD has him listed as the only eyewitness to Felicity's murder. I'm guessing she paid him to say she was there.

    Adult William Clayton : Says this guy committed suicide about a week ago.

    Connor Hawke : Wait. That was right when we started looking into Felicity's disappearance.

    Dinah Drake : What about the coroner?

    Adult William Clayton : Another suicide.

    Adult Zoe Ramirez : Star City's bad, but not that bad. Someone's taking these people out, but why?

  • Dinah Drake : So Felicity uncovers a bomb plot, but before she can tell anybody, the party responsible fakes her death. Now they're tying up loose ends.

    Roy Harper : So why not just kill her?

    Dinah Drake : Because they needed her. You were the last one to talk to Felicity. What did she say?

    Mia Smoak : Just the usual bull about how the city's not safe and she wanted me to get out of town.

    Connor Hawke : It might not have been bull this time.

    Mia Smoak : You guys are just junkies looking for your hero fix. My mom is the only person I care about, and I'm gonna go look for her myself without any of you.

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