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Season 1

20 Jul. 2018
The Haunted Highway
Gary's Uncle Wally stops by the campfire to tell the Kids the spooky tale of an interstate haunted by "ghosts". Jason gets sucked into a fantasy land but discovers it's denizens are planning to use him in a genocide.
6 Jul. 2018
The Ghost Suitor
Jason's classmate Natalie tells the tragic story of a falling in love with a ghost. Jason's father Bill brings an alien home from work but it's uncomfortably shaped.
8 Jun. 2018
The Cake Man
Alex's mother Felicia throws a "facelift party". World famous cake artist, Jean Luc Moreau comes to the campfire to tell a story of creating a cake that was too real.
1 Jun. 2018
The Hot Poltergeist
Gary's Tia and her friend Suze swap stories of their supernatural ailments. Chuck, a mechanic from Tia's garage, tells a story about a sexy ghost who terrorizes his wife.
13 Jul. 2018
Chicken Baby
Gary's friend Julio tells a story where a visitor from another world turns out to be a bad friend. Gary and Jason learn that the entire universe is an illusion created by a genie to flesh out a 9 year old girls fantasy.
15 Jul. 2018
The Restaurant from Hell
Alex learns the dark side of the family business. Alex's father's assistant comes to the campfire and tells the story of restaurant straight out of a nightmare.
22 Jun. 2018
The Troll King
Jason's mom runs into an old flame at the book store. Jotham, King of The Trolls, takes over the campfire to tell a story of love lost.
29 Jun. 2018
The Toilet Ghost
Jason has a fateful meeting with a bus station employee while taking a chicken to a bird sanctuary. The employee comes to the campfire to tell a story of the ghost who haunts the bus station's toilet.
27 Jul. 2018
Alex's Oma comes to the campfire to tell the classic German fairy tale of Crumplesnatch. Later, the Kids attend a funeral.

 Season 1 

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