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Viewers Can Hit the Gas Pedal with 47 Hours to Live this March 17th

Tagline: "Pass on the Curse within 47 Hours or Die!" 47 Hours to Live is set to release this March. The film's first trailer came out in September of last year. Since then, 47 Hours to Live has gone on to appear at several theatrical events, including one recently in Colorado. The film's story involves a killer app' and if you don't pass on this curse, in 47 Hours, then you will die. This indie horror title stars: Allie Marie Evans (Maximum Ride), Annie Hamilton, Alexandra Deberry and Tom Proctor. The latest release details on this title are available here. The filmmakers, including some of the writers, have put out some of their thoughts on the current state of theatrical movies. They mention the declining box office returns: "the 2019 box office is down nine percent from last year (Film Bureau)." Fewer and fewer people are heading out to theatres, to consume movies.
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47 Hours Challenges Two Girls to Play a Deadly Game in this Trailer

Tagline: "You'll Be Dying to Play this Game." 47 Hours is an indie horror movie from director Patrick Johnson (The Crushed). The film focuses on a strange internet game, that is uploaded to two girls' phones. Once downloaded, the game forces the two girls to play a supernatural game. There are no shortage of murderous app' horror movies. But, this latest one has been compared more to "13 Reasons Why" and "Stranger Things," by the filmmakers. Starring Annie Hamilton (Desolate), Allie Marie Evans, Luke Shelton and others, this title has already had its World Premiere earlier this month and Artist View Entertainment will show the film, through a wider release, later this year. The film's early details are hosted here. Producer Andrew Stevens has talked about the film, this year. He introduces the film as "a post millennial, female-driven, psychological thriller with horror elements (B Movie Nation)." Stevens also mentions
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