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3 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.1
Jeremy hosts the morning topical discussion show and is joined by a panel of guests to discuss the big issues of the day. Featuring an interview with actress Roxanne Pallett about departing Celebrity Big Brother (2001) and that "punch".
4 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.2
Jeremy interviews actress Rose McGowan about the #MeToo movement. Journalist Martin Daubney joins the panel as they discuss accents, mental health and haggis. Plus a review of today's newspapers.
5 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.3
Jeremy and today's panel of guests discuss topics including, should the wealthy pay more tax to help the poor? Should mobile phones be banned in schools? Pets behaving badly and antisemitism are also discussed.
6 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.4
What should be Britain's response to the Salisbury nerve agent attack? Should police work with internet paedophile hunters? Why are cyclists so hated? These topics and more are discussed.
7 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.5
Should the UK follow Scotland's lead and ban smacking children? Should 1st Class be scrapped on busy trains? The panel of guests will also discuss sex on TV. Includes the TV review/preview.
10 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.6
Is Boris Johnson fit to be Prime Minister? Should parents be held responsible for the actions of their children? Panellist Hardeep Singh Kohli discusses his time in the Celebrity Big Brother (2001) house.
11 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.7
Do you back Jacob Rees-Mogg's vision of Brexit? Can you be too posh? Are have-a-go heroes fearless or foolish? Plus a review of the days news.
12 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.8
Is twitter evil? Is it the end for free TV licences for the over 75s? Should bears be reintroduced in the UK? Plus, Jeremy speaks to Celebrity Big Brother (2001) winner Ryan Thomas.
13 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.9
Are we treating our politicians like public servants or public enemies? How old is too old to be a mother? Is watching porn cheating on your partner? Stand-in presenter Anne Diamond discusses these topics with the panel.
14 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.10
Is the Archbishop of Canterbury a hypocrite? Should rebel MPs quit their parties? Do extra marital affairs matter anymore? Plus the news review and Kevin O'Sullivan's television guide.
17 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.11
Is the BBC right to snub the wedding of Princess Eugenie? Is it right to self-diagnose via the internet? Should you give your children equal amounts of money? These and other topics are discussed.
18 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.12
Topics discussed include - Should a controversial American preacher be banned from entering the UK? Is shouting at your children a form of child abuse? Are jokes about being fat wrong?
19 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.13
Jeremy asks - Is there still a stigma attached to living in a council house? Is it time to call time on the drinking at freshers' week? Have you used technology to keep track of your partner?
20 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.14
Topics include - Should the Labour Party back a 2nd Brexit vote? Should those with self-inflicted illnesses go to the back of the queue? Is sibling rivalry healthy? Are Carry On films still funny?
21 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.15
Jeremy asks - Should prison sentences for the under 25's be cut? Should vaccinations for children be compulsory? How soon is too soon to do your Christmas shopping? Plus the news review and TV preview.
24 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.16
Should the German President be invited to attend a ceremony at the Cenotaph? Should sales reps be banned from maternity wards? Are social media and catch-up TV incompatible?
25 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.17
Jeremy asks - Should we all be in therapy? Is it a betrayal if Labour back calls for a second vote on Brexit? If someone shoplifts because their family are going hungry should they be let off?
26 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.18
The panel discuss whether cyclists should have number plates on their bikes and the argument that children are given too much homework, as well as the need to import conkers from Germany as the British versions are too small.
27 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.19
Jeremy and his panel of guests discuss - Can Jeremy Corbyn cut it as Prime Minister? Is Edinburgh right to slap a tax on tourists? Is it time puddings were banned from school meals?
28 Sep. 2018
Episode #1.20
Jeremy asks if police should get more money to continue the search for Madeleine McCann or should the investigation be ended? Is homework a waste of time? Plus the news review and the TV preview.
1 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.21
Jeremy Vine asks if it is time for Boris Johnson to put up or shut up? He also interviews Samantha Grant Markle the sister of Meghan Markle. Plus the news review.
2 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.22
Jeremy asks - Are local councils wrong to re-brand Black History Month to include other ethnic groups? Are home deliveries driving you mad? Can babies be harmed by 18 rated films?
3 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.23
Jeremy and his guests discuss - Is it right to send your children to private school? Would you pay to choose your baby's gender? Plus reaction to Boris Johnson's speech at the Conservative Party conference.
4 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.24
Jeremy and his guests discuss - Has Theresa May saved her job with her performance at conference? Is it right to give young people advice on how to safely take drugs? Should a 6-year-old shave her legs?
5 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.25
Today's topics of discussion include - Growing evidence of Russia's meddling in the West, boys' body image, Shetland no longer appearing inside a box on maps, the spiders that have closed down schools.
8 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.26
Jeremy and his guests discuss - Should we be scared of Russia? Are shared GP appointments a good idea? Would you forgive your partner a drunken kiss? The age old question of scones, jam and cream is debated.
9 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.27
Jeremy asks - Was the police chief who locked himself in his car during the Westminster terrorist attack right to do so? Is tough love for anorexics acceptable? Should the snogging Strictly contestant and dancer be dumped?
10 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.28
Was a council right to ask homeless people to move on ahead of Princess Eugenie's wedding? Should school uniforms be ditched? Should old people give up their homes for the young?
11 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.29
Was the supreme court right to rule in favour of the bakery in the gay cake row? Will you be voting to keep Seann Walsh on Strictly after his public apology? Should dogs be banned from sports pitches?
12 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.30
Should taxpayers pay for the royal wedding? Were M&S wrong to sell a hijab to children? Should a transgender rapist have been sent to a women's prison? Plus the news and TV reviews.
15 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.31
Is it now time to accept a no deal on Brexit? Should schools teach children about the injustices of Empire? Is it irresponsible for parents to provide alcohol for teen parties?
16 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.32
Jeremy and his guests discuss - Would you pay more tax to save the NHS? Should Margaret Thatcher be the new face of the fifty pound note? Is it OK for men to wear make-up?
17 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.33
Jeremy asks - Does anyone take notice of protest marches? Is it wrong to weigh children? Should we all pay more for alcohol to help fund treatment for alcoholics? Plus the news review.
18 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.34
Jeremy asks - Should hate preacher Anjem Choudary be allowed out of prison? Are women-only parking bays sexist? Is it too soon in Harry and Meghan's marriage for them to have a baby?
19 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.35
Jeremy and his panel of guests discuss - Have we lost the war on crime? Are you offended by Disney princesses? Should motorists have to give way to cyclists and pedestrians?
22 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.36
Anne Diamond sits in for Jeremy and asks - Should Theresa May be given more time to get a Brexit deal? Do you want fireworks banned? Would you eat insects?
23 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.37
Anne asks her guests - Is it time to scrap free television licences for the over 75s? Is it a good idea to get children to clean their classrooms? Is it right to use children's voices to shame smokers?
24 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.38
Anne asks - Should the press name the businessman accused of sexual and racial abuse? Is it right to wear a white poppy? Are you sick of parents sharing too much information on social media?
25 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.39
Anne Diamond asks - Should trophy hunting be banned? Are we to blame for the death of the high street? Should Ryanair be boycotted over a racist rant? Are gingerbread-men sexist?
26 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.40
Anne asks - Should Sir Philip Green be stripped of his knighthood? Is 15 too old to go trick or treating? Is it time to stop changing the clocks? Plus the news and TV reviews.
29 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.41
Will the budget bring the end of austerity? Is 55 too old to become a dad? Should kids with rotten teeth be referred to social services? Should universities that benefited from slavery repay the money?
30 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.42
Jeremy asks his panel of guests what they made of the budget. Plus, should national service be reintroduced? Is Halloween dangerous?
31 Oct. 2018
Episode #1.43
Jeremy asks - If you attack a member of NHS staff should you be refused free treatment in future? Is it right to spy on your children's phone? Should women be given time off work for the menopause?
1 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.44
Jeremy asks - Should the police be focusing on tackling violent crime not hate speech? Should the rich be taxed until they squeak? Is it ever OK to park in a disabled space if you aren't disabled? Is the party over for airport boozers?
2 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.45
Jeremy asks - Is the government right to delay a decision on the future of fix-odds betting terminals? Why don't airlines weigh passengers instead of bags? Should using mobile phones while walking be banned?
5 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.46
Jeremy asks his guests - Should bouncy castles be banned? Should teachers have to teach unruly kids? Can a cheat ever be a hero? Would you pay more tax to help the elderly?
6 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.47
Topics discussed by Jeremy and his guests include - should the death penalty be reintroduced? Are baby-boomers the real snowflakes? Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas?
7 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.48
Jeremy asks - Is it time to put a tax on red meat? Are prisoners being paid ten pound a week to make remembrance poppies being exploited? Has feminism made men more ambitious?
8 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.49
Today Jeremy asks if the burning of a Grenfell Tower effigy was a crime? Should military veterans be given special treatment? Is President Trump wrong to attack the media?
9 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.50
Jeremy asks - Should the royals skip Charles and make William the next King? Are private landlords right to snub benefit claimants? Are cots with a built in iPad just a sign of bad parenting?
12 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.51
Jeremy discusses with his panel of guests - Should a tax for the over 40s be introduced to pay for social care? Has IVF made adoption a last resort? Is it wrong to ban the Iceland Christmas advert?
13 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.52
Jeremy discusses with his guests - Would you kill a burglar to protect your home? Should the over 70s be forced to retake their driving test? Are we hypocrites when it comes to women's behaviour at male strip shows?
14 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.53
Jeremy asks - Should the cabinet back the Prime Minister over her draft Brexit deal? Is talking about stillbirth still taboo? Were the killers of James Bulger born evil?
15 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.54
Jeremy asks - Can the Prime Minister survive the resignation of a second Brexit secretary? Is Donald Trump evil or a genius? Is it right to put children in isolation at school?
16 Nov. 2018
Episode #1.55
Jeremy asks his guests - Do you still have confidence in the Prime Minister? Do speeding cyclists need to be warned? Should schools ban pupils from wearing designer clothing?