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The meltdown had begun
ninjaboyballer15 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"Still Standing" is a step up from the previous episode, with it being more tense and an ending that puts real stakes in for the mid season finale. Best part about this episode was surprisingly Alicia and Morgan's parts. We learn a bit more about why Alicia acts the way she acts and why she wants to help the kids: To make up for all the bad stuff she has done in the past. And Morgan learns by talking to Grace that as the group has been trying to save people's lives, they haven't been living their own. And this motive and idea really got to me and had me look at them differently. The stuff with John and Dwight was also really solid. I though Dwight was going to be mad at John for not telling him about Sherry's note, but he accepts it and decides that maybe it's time to move on. All this was on point, but the stuff with Charlie and Strand was kinda boring as well as Al and June's adventure, although it was better then Strand and Charlie's. Also the Meltdown has begun as well as a herd approaching the truck stop

Overall this episode is solid with boring parts and strong parts and real stakes for the mid season final next Sunday.

Final rating: 7.8/10
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Some more bashing up zombies.
cruise0115 July 2019
Episode 5.07 (3.5 out of 5 stars)

It was a pretty decent episode. Al and June are looking for fuel for the plane they are fixing up. Charlie and Victor are trying to escape the failed air balloon crash. John and Dwight still searching for Sherry. Alicia still trying to save those kids who are stubborn to go. The episode does have some cliche. The kids keep refusing to go as they say they are safe in their village with the zombies tied up at the gate. Then, a second later the zombies break free. Alicia bashes every undead she sees. The countdown to the meltdown begins with every character racing against time.

One characters fate may have been revealed. The pace is slowly picking up again after a slow burn season.
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An action packed episode with lots of memorable moments, building up to a great looking mid-season finale
Holt34415 July 2019
I'm actually really enjoying the group of children, I didn't at first but now after seeing this episode it changed my thoughts about them. The episode has lots of great zombie kills, they really got the action right in this episode and Alicia shines the most with pure bad assery. All the character interactions feels so perfect, the chemistry is strong between the characters and actors it's just a joy to watch. The dialogue was spot on! The makeup for the walkers were another thing I liked, the eye popping one was glorious.

There were lots of memorable character moments in the episode but Alicia's and Morgan's wins mostly because they were the one that lead the episode and they were amazing. The base with the tree house and everything was a nice addition and so was the power plant, it made us see the bigger picture of this season's story and I'm again enjoying it a lot. Next week is the mid-season finale and it will hopefully tie it up nicely and bring new things to the table, I can't wait!
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The producers and writers REALLY need to listen:
nomis9418 July 2019
If you want to keep the viewers on edge you need to do better with writing and pacing. This half of season 5 is VERY slow as it tells a story that could've been told in 2 episodes. Scott M. Gimple must already now that people don't like this sort of pacing - that's why I don't understand the decision to write season 5a that way. While the show still entertains me, I've expected WAY more from this season. I hope episode 8 and the second half of s5 will pick up the pace...
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Best episode this season
sheedyf15 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Really enjoyed this installment but please we can't lose the last remaining Clark Still Standing!!!! This episode had great warm character moments & actually showed the characters living "their mission" instead of talking about it. Some great performances from all the cast - John/Dwight, June/Al, Morgan/Grace, but stand out for me was Alicia. Debynam Carey is now the heart of the show & I really do hope we're not heading for another mid season finale where a Clark sacrifices herself for the greater good!!! Please don't do it to us - I really couldn't take it. I'm secretly hoping Daniel is gone to find the still living Madison & her & Alicia will be reunited - but at this rate I will just accept not losing Alicia!!! If Alicia dies, we MELT-DOWN!!!
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Best episode of the season.
ohmap-977-66481022 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The show was action packed from the beginning to the end! John proposing to June was GREAT! The flight had me on the edge of my seat, and the zombies almost ended it for everybody when Wendell was attacked and a zombie turned off the approach lights by tripping over the wires (Al was going in blind). Wendall had to crawl to save the people on the plane by plugging in the lights again.

I liked the interaction between Dwight and John. Dwight could see the love John had for June by telling her on the walkie to save herself and get on the plane without him if he didn't get there in time.

This is some of the best television I have seen in a while. The acting was superb, and the interaction of the characters was excellent.

I don't rate this show too often, but the entire half season I would give an overall 8. The show will return in 3 weeks. The theme will revolve around how to get new gas; the gas is going bad.

I have to say this to those giving it a "1". If you hate it so much, can't you turn the station? However, they won't find anything better! They would have to go to Netflix to find anything halfway decent that I have seen.
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arfdawg-115 July 2019
The world is falling apart. Zombies everywhere in abundance. Plenty of bad humans what want to kill you too. Limited resources. Running out of time.

Yet, somehow there still is time for a lesbain romance.

How stoopid.
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johnbrogan-1338115 July 2019
My god - yet Another Episode with a Story line to match the Acting.....BAD ! VERY BAD !!

Nothing works in this Show!!

I could not care less for any Character & I would not recommend One Actor - going onto Better things... Poor Acting - Very Weak story lines ...

Please please who ever is in charge of this Show........ JUST STOP IT NOW..
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kamau-1526715 July 2019
It's like fear the walking dead is going backwards. So much none sense situations in every corner. Totally waist of time for the eyes.
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Ugliest freakin' show on TV
susanhathaway22 July 2019
Lose the damn gray filter, already! We get that this is a grim show; we don't need to have it hammered home by making it look like black and white, only a hundred times uglier. I'm sick of trying to tell the difference between gray living people and gray dead people.
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Hate to rush you but let's stand around chin wagging
Rob-O-Cop16 July 2019
So my hopes for an enjoyable and inventive fear the walking dead ride with Ashley Cardiff at the helm have been dashed. This feels very much like last season with one standout John Dorie focused episode, a handful of passable ones, and some really quite bad ones making a less than satisfactory experience.

After praising Ashley big time for her contribution I'm now not sure why the Ashley Cardiff episode was so good. It could have been because of her, or it could have been because it was all about John Dorie and he's interesting enough to carry anything. She's certainly not pulling the rest of the episodes into shape as story editor. What really happened this episode? There was a whole lot of people sitting around all relaxed and having one to one conversations while there was a plane to build and a nuclear power station meltdown to get away from. Suddenly everyone except Alicia have attributed extreme!!!!!! caution and fear to nuke infected zombies, although no one has real world experience with what nuclear contamination does, and the FTWD line is well beyond the actual science danger of what a real nuke exposed person would pose should they touch you with their irradiated skin and blood. Wash that stuff off, don't swallow it. We continue to see the parable our team (USA?) helping (we're bringing you democracy!!) people that don't want to be helped (most of the rest of the world now). Or maybe I'm giving the show too much credit as there's nothing to indicate anything deep and clever going on with the writing at this point.

Well we're back to bad acting, (those kids are terrible) situations and drama that don't make sense with previous narratives (the whole kids camp zombie over run and danger thing??? these kids know how to handle zombies, they enslaved hundreds of them as their security system, but suddenly they're helpless cos Alicia's around?) it just doesn't make sense. and they just let the zombies build up instead of standing at the fence and picking them off by poking a sharp stick into their heads. (do you really need to go full Alicia who expends far too much energy on each 'kill'?).

I get having to have 'threat' to push the narrative along but it's just lazy writing to do it so sloppily and expect your audience to swallow it. Good to see the 10/10 reviewers still turning up strong cashing their pay cheques. You're the only thing keeping this train wreck going. You definitely earn your propaganda money.
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Please End This Horrendous Series
MellowStello4 August 2019
I just don't understand what's going on with television these days....

You have a terrible show with terrible ratings and a huge budget, yet the show manages to come back season after season regardless of what the viewers think.

What's the point of television? Is it to entertain the masses or to appease production companies? Sometimes it seems like the latter is more important.

Another horrendous episode complete with bad acting and a convoluted storyline. The kids are a total joke... who told these clown show runners that viewers want to see a bunch of children in the apocalypse? So lame.
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Fear the Walking Soap Opera. Morgy and The Here to Helpers Team. Ridiculous, implausible, convoluted, contrived, characters and events.
Bababooe16 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What is the purpose of this show?

Is it about people acting and giving speeches like The Three Stooges?

Last week, this show presented the most ridiculous television in the history television. The Helper Team members Vic Strand and Charlie the Backstabber aka Killer of Nick, on a beer balloon, bringing two propeller needed to fly the plane that Al crashed. Probability of this happening boggles the mind. They find the balloon, it has fuel after 10 years of apocalypse, they fly it, and locate the Morgy Team, with the needed airplane propellers, that they just happen to have at hand. Ok, so maybe the show is going for Z Nation. Completely ridiculous.

Some quick quotes for comedy:

1) Alyc "I just want to help" - This was in the first few minutes of the episode. I just could not believe she said that. True comedy gold. 2) Morgy "We're gonna get everyone on the plane" - The Helper Team Captain/Holy Man Redemption Project. 3) Vic "We did something extraordinary" - yes, a beer balloon on a tv show - simply idiotic. 4) Al "I met someone special" - Soap 5) June "I left John in the cabin" "You'll see her again" - So much Soap.

This show is so convoluted. There was a nuclear meltdown in the area, radiated zombies, and another meltdown is coming. The crashed airplane lost its propellers, but no worries, that was just ordered from Home Depot. The airplane somehow conveniently lost its fuel. But wait, Al knows where there's more fuel, above the rock wall that she went to with her girlfriend Isa where they shared a starry night and passed spit beer. Alyc is out to convince the Radiation Kids to go with them on a plane that they already crashed. Just think about that for a moment. Morgy is out to help Vic and Backstab while they're besieged by radiated zombies. Oh My. Captain Morgy, Helper Team leader is on the no batteries ever required walkie speaking with Alyc, and Grace the Radiation Lady trying to stop or stall the meltdown. And let's not forget our friendly neighborhood Cowboy John and his new buddie Scarface Dwight. If all the convoluted nonsense above is not enough, we have these 2 sentimental fools looking for D's x-wife.

Alyc looking for the Radiation Kids kills a bunch of zombies all tied up with their own intestines. Intestine zombies are dumb. She finds the kids but does not take no for an answer. The kid leader takes her silly weapon and holds her captive until they fix the zombie barricade that Alyc destroyed. Zombies attack, Alyc is finally given her weapon and as she kills a bunch of zombies, one of them is radiated and she gets blood all over her face. She's a goner unless the writers pull a Glen Dumpster fake-out. After all that, finally the kids agree to go to the plane.

Vic and Backstab somehow build a barricade with the beer balloon against the radiated zombies. And Vic opens up to Back, about not believing in The Helper Team, and that it was his decision not to fly the airplane, leading to inexperienced Al to fly and crash it. We are supposed to care here. We are supposed to see the Vic redemption project. Now Vic is all in on Team Helper with Morgy. Grace tells Morgy where he can conveniently find a truck. He also finds a radiation outfit. Captain Morgy to the rescue of Vic and Backstab. He tells them to take the propeller to the truck stop and heads out to convince Grace to leave with them. Morgy in the radiation outfit is comedy gold. He finds Grace and she agrees to come along. Then he speaks with Alyc. And Alyc says she's ok, even though she's got zombie radiation.

If that's not enough we have Cowboy John and Dwight looking for D's x-wife. Finally, Cowboy gives D his x-wife's letter saying to stop looking. D forgives John for lying and now his big mission is to bring Cowboy to June. This is all real interesting stuff. Highly entertaining. Not. Just simply convoluted, impractical, contrived soap nonsense.

And still if that's not enough we have Nurse June and Al Fashionable Haircut/Videographer/Swat Commander/Airplane Mechanic going to get more fuel, via Al climbing the rock wall, and a super soap scene where they lay it all on the table. Al does not tell June that she met the Helicopter People. No. That would be something normal people would do. The Freaking Helicopter People?! No. Al, tells June she met someone, like at a mall, or at work, or in the park one day when she was jogging. And she wants to see her again. Then June comes back with some dialogue about happiness and love will find each other and some such soap nonsense. This here is some of the cheapest and most boring dialogue ever. What is going on?

Vic and Backstab make it to the Truck stop and so does The Radiation Kids. The Little Radiation Kid meets Backstab and they bond over The Little Price book. How sweet. What the hell is this? Morgy and Grace are heading to Truck Stop. Alyc is wondering aimlessly, washing her radiated zombie blood face in a stream. The nuclear plant alarm goes off.

Ok, so it looks like they will all be on the airplane and fly out just in time. And Grace may just so happen to have just enough of a radiation cure to save Alyc's life. Or maybe she'll go down with a last minute explosion where she saves everyone.

This is getting real tough. Very boring episode.
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immortalmahyar27 July 2019
Welcome to Fear The Chernobyl dead! Please less talking and more zombies!
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The Gray Show lightens up a little--but not much
susanhathaway15 July 2019
The Gray Show, aka Fear the Walking Dead, in the last couple of episodes lightened up just a little bit on the grotesque gray filter, but not much. It's by far the ugliest-looking show on TV. They'd better keep the characters talking; otherwise, we won't be able to tell the gray living from the gray dead.
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