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A well paced police drama
26 January 2000
A well cast and well paced police drama set in Paris just prior to WWI featuring Eric Portman as the professional and unemotional detective Fernand Maubert and his adversary the aristocratic gentleman thief and bank robber Philippe Lodocq played by the exceptionally tall Guy Rolfe. In some scenes I'm sure his lover, the demure Madeleine (Nadia Gray), is standing on something so as to kiss him. As the Hun approaches Paris, the French government tempts Philippe with a pardon and a wad of cash to do a little espionage. The film ends well with an unexpected twist. British film buffs should look out for a young George Cole (aka Arthur Daley)in the dual role as a trainee detective and actor. Also Arthur Lowe (Dad's Army) appears as a nervous town clerk. Note: This is not a film for those trying to quit smoking. In every scene every man smokes furiously and towards the end even the fair Madeleine lights up.
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A good "value for money" film
11 January 2000
A good "value for money" film demonstrating just how well the British (and even Yorkshire folk) can laugh at themselves. A good supporting cast headed up by Diana Dors who is irresistible to our hero Chayley from "oop north" and uses all her ample charms to help the poor lad to get value for his money. Unfortunately only a minor role for Leslie Philips in one of his earlier films.
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