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A misguided attempt to bring the mythos to T.V.
18 June 1999
I didn't have hopes for The Crow: Stairway to Heaven to be nearly as good as the classic big screen movies or the masterwork that was James O' Barr's original graphic novel, it was almost exactly as I expected, confused with a knowing plea for higher budgets.

In the book of making of the second movie, they said they had an idea to turn the story in to a T.V. series but refused because they didn't have the funds to accurately recreate the world of The Crow. They were right but still they couldn't resist catching the gravy train and copping out.

At first I thought, it the show was terrible, in the way the Robocop series was to its big screen outings, and still make no mistake, this is an embarrassment to The Crow myth that has been created through other related media like comic books and novels. Having said that, if you forget it's anything to do with O'Barr's creation, it is watchable. Though if you want to watch an anti hero go around helping people who are getting pressure from big city bad guys, you'd be better off watching reruns of one of the best T.V. series' ever made and definitely the best made from a comic book, entitled The Incredible Hulk.
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Run (1991)
A fast paced roller coaster thrill ride
18 June 1999
In response to another person's valid comment about this movie, I would like to say that they are wrong to say this movie is Hitchcockian, the so called master director couldn't ever hope to make anything this good.

Run, is as fast paced as its title suggests. A brilliant masterwork about a young, naiive man who finds himself on the run from about everyone within a community when he is wrongfully accused of killing a mobster's son.

There is great support from all the cast, and it's without a doubt there hasn't been a better cat and mouse thriller since its release. Underrated actor Patrick Dempsey's second best movie since Can't Buy Me Love, which by the way is better than the more than adequately enjoyable, She's All That.
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A rarity of a horror sequel. Bloodthirsty and brilliant.
26 May 1999
I had been waiting for this movie to be released for six months, and was more excited about seeing it than the new Star Wars movie, and I can safely say that I was not disappointed.

In am frustrated at all the bad press this movie has got from fans and critics. They don't have a clue, and I challenge any one who thinks different.

The plot is simple, it is set a year after the first one, Julie James is suffering from nightmares of her previous encounter with killer fisherman Ben Willis. When her room mate wins a trip for four to an island in the Bahamas, her and her friends take off for a pleasurable vacation in the sun. However, the island becomes deserted and is engulfed by a harsh storm. Still, things go from bad to worse when fears Julie's fears that the killer has returned are confirmed and one by one the teenagers find their lives in danger from the man with the hook.

Being a big fan of the original, my expectations were high. This movie is admittedly traditional, you know who pretty much know who will and who will die, but then when don't you in a horror movie. Scream 1 and 2 are the best horror movies of recent years, but even they cop out, for example, you think Billy's dead, which would be a surprise, but no, he lives. Dewey survives twice, that's a rip off and if you were shocked like I was to find that Randy lived throughout the first movie, don't worry, expectations were confirmed in part 2. People are mistaken, the I Know movies aren't mysteries or art films, they are merely there to throw excitement and thrills to the audience in the name of entertainment, and that's exactly what they do.
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A post apocalyptic Romeo and Juliet
30 April 1999
The Lawless Land is an underrated and under seen classic. Hard to enjoy at first, one soon comes to realize the creativity and nuances of the movie on repeated viewings. It is an adaptation and improvement on William Shakespeare's classic love story, and using a stroke of subtle directorial genius, gives the sense that it is being narrated through a kind of God's eye view. The acting is effectively removed from the melodrama one would expect from the material in order to provide the viewer with a fascinating story of love in a world where emotion has run dry.
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The Faculty (1998)
Sci-Fi, Horror
16 April 1999
The Faculty is a modern version of the bodysnatchers theme as teenagers in a rebellious high school are forced to come together to stop an alien invasion that threatens to wipe out their teachers, friends, community and potentially the world.

From the creative pen of Kevin Williamson comes a movie with a plot that doesn't have a bit of originality to its name. It has no shame in ripping off its inspirations, most notably, John Carpenter's The Thing and Abel Ferrera's Body Snatchers. Having said that, the overall movie is better than the sum of its parts. For anyone who complains it's too much like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, they should at least give thanks for it putting a new spin on the story rather than making yet another remake.

It's not Williamson's best work, but in terms of placing in the new wave horror boom, it far out does the likes of Wishmaster and the Psycho remake, but then, what doesn't?

It's well worth seeing. You may argue it's not inventive, but you can't say it's not one of the best sci fi movies ever.
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Blind Date (1984)
16 April 1999
Blind Date tells the story of Jonathon Radcliffe, who on recovering from an accident that left him without sight, finds himself an integral part in the mystery of a series of grisly murders in Athens.

Nico Mastorakis is one of the best cult film makers of the eighties, and its for movies like this that show why.

A brilliantly subtle Hitchcokian idea, but better, it is full of interesting scenes, if not suspenseful moments. The acting is good but is brought down by the performances of the killer's targets.

Not for everyone, but a real overlooked classic.

I only want to know what happened to the proposed sequel promised at the end, that says Jonathon Radcliffe will return in 'Run, Stumble and Fall.'
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