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It's Like, You Know... (1999–2001)
The wannabe Seinfeld
14 October 2005
It's like you know is the Seinfeld of LA, and this is not in a good way. The show was clearly trying to pattern its style after the legendary NBC sitcom. However instead of using many of the elements that made Seinfeld such a success, characters played as regular people this show decided to have everyone in Los Angeles with a good looking and hip cast missing a lot of the relatability of the series which it is clearly imitating.

The show itself tried too hard to show off the zaniness of its characters and surroundings resulting in many "It would have been funny if" moments. Overall a pretty big yawner.
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Anastasia (1997)
One of the best musicals of the 90s
27 July 2002
Anastasia is a fantastic movie, you just have to realize that the film is not trying to be historically accurate. Once you move past this partial problem the film is incredibly enjoyable, beautiful animation by Don Bluth that has fantastic character design, realistic movement, and color. Combine that with a fun and entertaining story, cute characters and fantastic music on par with Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin and you have a can't miss movie not just for kids but the entire family. I can't recommend this film enough.
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Delta House (1979– )
Animal House the TV show
31 August 2001
I recently was watching the TV land cable network and saw a TV program featuring some familiar characters. I quickly contacted my boyfriend in the other room and he immediately recognized them as the characters from the classic film Animal House.

The show was called Delta House, and while the Animal House movie was quite entertaining this very predictable and unfunny sitcom is not. The character played by John Belushi is not present and the characters in the show are all watered down compared to their original version. I'm actually befuddled considering I (nor anyone else I asked about it) had never heard of the show, which is quite unusual considering the popularity of the movie. After watching just two episodes it's very easy for me to see why this show only lasted one season. It's a terrible bastardization of a great film.
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