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Survival Island (I) (2005)
Actually really very good
30 March 2007
You'd probably never expect a low-budget indie movie that you'd never heard of staring Billy Zane to actually be any good, but "Three" actually surpassed my expectations by quite a bit.

The plot itself is pretty standard fair; it's your basic lost on a desert island 3-way love triangle, with Billy Zane playing the part of the jealous husband, Kelly Brook playing the part of the wife, and some random model-looking Hispanic guy playing the part of the random model-looking Hispanic guy.

The fact that the plot has been done many times before (including with Billy Zane in Dead Calm) does not surprisingly subtract anything from the film. I guess that just goes to show you what good writing, acting, and directing can do, because the movie is a very well done suspenseful thriller.

One of the greatest assets to the film and at least for me what made it stand out from the crowd aside from what I've already mentioned is the incredible Kelly Brook. I looked her up on IMDb before I started watching the movie and wasn't really that impressed with her photos here. But boy does she look different in this movie. After watching countless Hollywood films where the lead actress is so horrendously skinny that she looks like she never went through puberty seeing Kelly Brook here in this movie, with all her parts completely natural is really a sight for sore eyes. This woman's body is a gift to the world. It's seriously been so long since I've seen such a naturally beautifully figured woman that I'd forgotten how amazing they truly are. Those babies are real, buddy, and there's nothing like the real thing. I would also say that some credit goes to the director for shooting her in such a fantastic way as to showcase her amazing form. Seriously every scene with her in it is like a great moving work of art, she's just absolutely stunning. Spending the movie just watching her walk around is enough of a reason to check this film out.

So, especially if you're a guy who appreciates the wonders of the natural female form, I would highly recommend this film to you.
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A Murder on Shadow Mountain (1999 TV Movie)
Nice little Lifetime TV movie
2 February 2005
This is a nice little lifetime movie about a guy (Peter Coyote) who's living the perfect suburban middle class life when late one night the police suddenly bust into his home and arrest him for the murder of some guy 27 years ago.

In his prison cell Coyote recounts to his wife the fateful events of 27 years ago and how he came into contact with Wayne Kennedy the man who he supposedly killed.

From here the story is told in flashback fashion and the more you learn about Wayne and Coyote and how they came to meet and what happened when they did the more interested you get.

The acting isn't anything to crow about, although the guy who plays Wayne Kennedy is pretty creepy enough. The real strong point of the movie is that mystery of what actually happened on the mountain. The wife spends the movie running around digging up clues to the mystery and each time something new comes up we are treated with another flashback revealing more of the mystery. It's actually pretty well.

So as far as Lifetime TV movie's go this little flick comes highly recommended.

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Obviously most of the other viewers have no idea what the movie is even about.
19 May 2002
While the city sleeps is an excellent movie that is a commentary on the media which happens to include a story about a serial killer. Not the other way around. It has wit, intelligence, and biting social commentary, which seems to be outside the reach of most modern audiences, who would prefer explosions and blood to intelligence.
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