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The Virginian (1962–1971)
26 February 2020
I'm really enjoying the reruns of The Virginian on GRITTV. The main characters, James Drury, Doug McClure, Clu Gulager and the Great Lee J. Cobb are outstanding. Great acting, great story, great show. However, the later episodes seem to feature Randy Boone and Roberta Shore. IMO, these two are not of the same caliber and are very weak and irritating. I usually flip the channel when their story line occurs. Further, Randy Boone's singing and playing is as boring and mediocre as a Holiday Inn Lounge Act. I can't endure 2 bars of his voice! But I guess it pays to have famous relatives!
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Better Than Outstanding!
18 August 2019
I vividly recall loving this show as a little kid in the late 1950s, so much, that I wished my name was "Richard". Then recently I noticed the full episodes were on YouTube and delved in. I am astounded how great this show is, and can understand why my entire family loved this show 60 years ago!

The script, the dialog, the acting, the directing, the action, the music, the camera work, and the lighting....all are superb and infinitely better than any junk on TV in the last 25 years! The excellent writing is able to pack an incredible story and resolution into 24 minutes...just amazing!

David Janssen's portrayal of Richard Diamond is outstanding; smart, tough, clever, with a boyish grin that gets him information that others may not get. He displays a believable sensitivity to the unfortunate, but like most of us, is a sucker for a pretty face!

I have made it through the entire two seasons, and it was the most enjoyable shows I've watched in decades. I plan on watching all four seasons in order, and highly recommend this series.
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