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Excellent & well done
29 December 2019
I have an old DVD version of the story which had been difficult for me to follow, but I fully understood everything in this production, and the graphics and voices and everything else were really well done.
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Begin Again (II) (2013)
A very good film, IF you don't mind continual cursing.
2 September 2014
I'm not quite sure how to write 10 lines about a film without containing any (spoiler) information about it. I thought this was a very good film. But there is a good reason for giving it an 'R' rating. I find it really hard to believe that relatively normal people, such as depicted in the film, would speak with continual cursing using the worst of words, as though it was the way they always speak in normal conversation. I definitely would not want to be around anyone who talked like the characters in this film do, just so much fun and games with every other words the dirtiest curse words possible. Other than that, I thought it was a very good story which kept me totally engrossed. I liked all the actors and characters and the music, and would definitely 'like' to recommend it, but would never in a million years recommend it to anyone at my church, or anyone with what I consider to be normal morals.
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Planes (2013)
Very excellent exciting animated movie
27 November 2013
Really excellent. I cant imagine why some people gave it low ratings. I thought it was much better than Cars 2. The story kept my attention all the way thru. And the animation was amazing. I almost didn't watch it due to reading some poor ratings after I ordered it from Amazon, but was very glad I had watched it afterward, it was one of the very best animated movies I've ever seen. I saw the Blu-ray version, so it was a very sharp HD picture with lots of action. That is about all there is to say, I don't know why we have to write 10 lines of dialog here. I don't feel it is appropriate to tell what the movie is about, that sort of ruins a movie for me, tho sometimes that is good to sort of explain a complicated plot.
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Road to Emmaus (2010 TV Short)
Very good telling of the story
15 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I greatly enjoyed,and benefited from, watching this 30 minute video, which I purchased. The video is very worthwhile to watch if you are a Christian, or want to know about what Christianity is. This is the classic story from the Bible. Jesus, after his death on the cross, is found to be walking with two of his Disciples, who are quite upset and in a great quandary as to the meaning of, and what to do, now that they have lost their great leader. Tho the Disciples don't immediately recognize Jesus, it is He that walks with them on the road to Emmaus. Jesus allays their fears by explaining to them why the Messiah came, and why he died. I felt that the scenery and settings were very good, the acting was very clear and concise, and that the words spoken were very helpful to me to understand why Jesus came to the earth, to create a loving relationship between Man and God, and between all Mankind to one another.
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Enjoyed watching this movie
24 November 2011
My wife and I saw this movie, and both liked it. It was just an easy going movie, with a pleasant story to follow. It has an element that I have long advocated more movies have, a story that takes us somewhere, and shows us something we may not have experienced before. In this case, the story took us to Hawaii, where I have never been, and will probably never have the opportunity to go, there was lots of pleasant Hawaiian music, and scenery. I felt like I had been transported to Hawaii for a nice visit. The story dealt with some serious issues, but diffused them so they weren't so disturbing. It was nice to see George Clooney in a drama that most people would be able to watch, no killing, or things blowing up.
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Saving God (2008)
One of the best movies I've ever seen.
20 October 2008
Wow! what a fantastic movie. I watched 300 movies last year. This is the best one I've seen this year. It's a movie 'really' worth one's time in watching. I don't understand why, at present, the average vote is 4.6. It looks like the votes are split with a little less than half giving it a '1', and a little more than half giving it a '10'. I was not looking for a movie to glorify violence in choosing this film, the last several years I've tried to watch movies that deal more with good drama, acting skills, or message. This film has all three, as well as enough violence to get it's point across. I've always liked Ving Rhames as an actor, but I believe this is the best film I've ever seen him in.
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Hack (2002–2004)
Best show on TV.
8 September 2005
The show is now over and gone, but while it was on it was my favorite of all TV shows. I liked David Morse from his movie 'The Crossing Guard'. He plays a somewhat similar role here, in that of a person who has made a regrettable mistake in life and now is somewhat lost and trying Day By Day to find a role in the world and a way forward, a role many of us should be able to relate to. All the shows were wonderful stories of human interest and 'compassion' (Dict: Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it). I never understood why the show didn't receive better reviews, personally, I would much rather see a program, like this, about people interacting with others, struggling with their problems and trying to help one another, rather than continuous murder and action. I think the writers did an excellent job.
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Levity (2003)
Really great.
13 October 2003
I found this to be a very good and worthwhile movie for several reasons. The cast is top notch and does very well. The story is a somber story which personally I found to be very interesting. In the extra features on the DVD the writer/director says he is not trying to convey a specific message but to present an absorbing story and give one something to think about. While it is true that all these lead actors are among my favorites I still think it is a great movie. It is a drama so you should be prepared to reflect a bit on it as you watch it, there isn't a lot of things blowing up and people getting killed, it's the type of movie that requires good writing and acting rather than special effects, altho, the cinematography is really great and by a notable expert in the field. If you have respect for any of these actors, or good acting, or an absorbing story that gives you something to think about, or good filming, you should like this story.
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If you think you might like this you probably will.
15 October 2001
I disagree with a few comments below: first, I believe it 'is' appropriate to switch back and forth between French and English because the character is an english literature professor in Paris and has bilingual friends; second, I feel it is unfair of anyone to characterize the main character as elderly, she is sensual, attractive, and tentatively has a good life to live in her future. I think the loss to the woman of her husband is like suddenly confronting the loss of the last 25 years of her life. To be able to cope with this changed reality she must cautiously explore a new experience; she is afraid to let go of her past and afraid to take hold of a future. I believe at the end of the movie we are shown that she will continue to refuse to relinquish the past, yet, invariably, it is shown to her that she must go on, embracing the present, as must we all.
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Tuesdays with Morrie (1999 TV Movie)
A must-see for all kind-hearted people.
20 September 2001
I and my wife liked everything about this movie. The actors seemed well chosen. The acting was sensitive and remarkable. The filming was one of those you like with soft warm colors, yet clear, with asides of things like beautiful autumn leaves and rain on windows. Whether a Jack Lemon fan or not you should appreciate him in this. I've read the non-fiction book and the movie follows it well; whether you've read the book or not you should find this movie touching and rewarding.
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The Break (1997)
Well worth seeing.
22 March 2001
I found this to be a very good movie. It is an interesting story. All the actors are good. Stephan Rea is always good as he exemplifies such wonderful sensitivity and gravity in his characterization. Rosana Pastor is one of my favorite actresses after seeing this, so very beautiful in looks as well as spirit.
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