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Excellent depiction of grief
7 March 2001
I had originally seen this film at the theater with my 1st wife, and didn't think much of it. Being the only other film directed by the guy who did "Risky Business" - I had higher hopes for the movie than what I came away with. Over the years, however, especially after my 1st wife passed away - I was haunted with memories of this film, as I saw my life mimic many of the actions of the principle characters. For someone who hasn't had to deal directly with grief, this film probably will seem like just an odd little film. But the actions taken by Jessica Lange, Chris O'Donnell and Charlie Korsmo are all perfect prototypes of how people deal with grief and denial. Director Paul Brickman does so in an understated way, so that the film seems more light-hearted than the message it conveys.
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Miracle Mile (1988)
Great sleeper from 1989
7 March 2001
I also can't tell you what the tragedy of this film is - it's much better if you don't know. What I can tell you is that you'll be yelling at your tv screen while watching this, as the characters do one stupid thing after another. Nonetheless, the film is wonderfully realized, beautifully photographed, and the pacing keeps you on the edge of your seat. Overshadowed by other Summer of '89 flicks like "Dead Poets Society," "Batman," "When Harry Met Sally," and a dozen other blockbusters, which is probably why you haven't heard of it.
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