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Minder (2009– )
Very disappointing if compared to original series
21 October 2019
I guess if this is seen as a sequel then one would be in for a surprise. On it's own it has some good points, but the chemistry that was Minder is gone. It has good locations, some sequences are fun, and the acting varies from quite good to dreadful. After just a few mins I'm ready to reach for the off button, unlike original series that keeps you hooked into the storyline. They cast the wrong actors, and handed them a weak script. If anything it's the stories that makes it drag. Minder original had action scenes, and nobody can deny the initial sequence with taxi was fabulously put together, yet when this duo meet it is a bit of a let down.

It is more like a tourist information video for landmarks of London, padded out with action sequences, and incongruous storylines.

I think it's a shame as Minder could have been so much better, even in a more modern context.

George Cole though basically made the show, without him as a likeable rogue, it's not the same.

Actors are different today, that alone would make it hard to find someone with such charisma as George.

Maybe someone will try again, and another Minder appear, unlikely, but it would be possible even now, but the format would have to be a bit retro really, with modern bits integrated.
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