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Deveni Gamana (1982)
Background information for a foreigner
18 June 2005
This movie was turned around once well established sri Lankan tradition. For foreigner the story can be puzzling. Because the problem faced in the movie was never explained.

When a marriage is happened according to the Sri Lankan tradition, it is a custom to spread a white bed sheet on the newly weds bed. When the couple return form the honeymoon, the mother and some elderly ladies of the groom will check the bed spread for confirmation of the brides virginity. This whole story starts from this point, and takes forward.

I am sure this movie must have being a good influence in eradicating such absurd customs from the Sri Lankan society, As we seldom here such society.

I've seen the movie long time a go. I can remember as it having a quite messy sound track. But there are number of memorable camera shots that will pay for the rental price of this movie (thats if you ever manage to find a place to rent it.)
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Fire on Ice (1991)
For the beautiful art direction and camera work1
18 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I vote 8 out of ten. Different story if you look from a sri Lankan perspective.

Its about a politician and his mistress. and a suspected murder of the politicians kid. The movie moves on and leaves you mouth open at the end.

!!!! Spoilers !!!!! the end is not conclusive, and thats one of the best reason for me to like the movie. Some of the camera work in this movies did inspire me to look in to those aspects of movies. (IF I remember correctly this movie is not a color movie) I've heard number of complains on the movie being black and white however I don't think they could made this any better even with million colors.
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Kung Fu (1972–1975)
What beuty it is...
9 January 2004
This is one of the first TV drams I've seen. In 1980, TV was a new luxury in Sri Lanka. One of the first came on TV was Kung fu.

Though I am a Buddhist the philosophical aspect of it never did hit me till I see this. But this did help me to look in to my own religion in a different way. As a kid I always watched Kung-Fu to see him kicking off people. But the story of the grasshopper was always in my mind...

It's a lovely story. With well narrated script and well controlled action. The best part of this is that it never took more action than needed in the show. After all he is "Kung-fu" master it will be childish to have a full scale fight with any one doesn't know any fighting other than grumbling over a Whiskey...

I wonder whether this is available on DVD. Something I'd buy..
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Interesting Experiment
30 December 2003
Just came back from the movie. I've seen a lot of good comments and some people even praising the "Mind blowing' action scenes.

Have you ever seen the huge canvas arts that are done by great artists? It may be simply two lines of paint but considered a master piece (maybe sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars) but if I do the same no body would even want to consider it since I am not a great artist. The difference is that the great artist did draw those lines with a purpose, to describe something. But I simply draw that to make money.

When we look at the movie that's the idea came to me. The movie would have rated very low if it's attached to an amateur director's name. But knowing Torentino, We start to see the purpose of those amateur like rendorations of the story.

The Story: Not a powerful story to tell. We almost know what the story. It's very predictable and some times looks like a Hindi movie. I think the story is trying to take a road between abstract movie and a direct story and hence loose its power.

Fights: Not very convincing. It is trying to establish an "Honorable Killing" code but I cannot see it as a very good success story. As the director is "lost" between reality and abstraction we audience also lost in several scenes. For example those fountains of blood, that keep on showering when ever a limb is chopped is something not natural. (I would have laughed if this happened in pulp fiction, but was not so sure whether it's done purposely or just a bad special effects seen) I can see that torentino trying to establish a Japanese Comic story like (No pun intended) style in those fights. But that effort has not given enough fruits and does not distinguish these fights from any other Hong Kong based "Kung-fu" movie.

Acting: I was never an Uma Thurman fan. I always thought she over act in her movies. I don't think she is doing any good for this movie either. The acting is very shallow and shows no emotion. (I think she took the "This bride is not an emotional person" statement literary ant try to avoid showing any emotion at all. But I did like the Lucy Lou' acting. She was showing that ruthless killer character very well. Also her body guard. I think Lucy Lou would have been a better selection for the main role. (What an Asian heroin character. No way!!!) No we are not resists. But, No way an Asian for main character. (pun Intended)

Camera: hmm I am no expert on this. But I cannot see anything exceptional in camera side.

Direction: There are few places I liked the way the movie is presented. But I am sure Torentino has more talent than we could see it in this picture. Not the best one from him. I would consider Kill Bill as an experiment gone wrong by Torentino. He was trying to develop a different style of story telling as always. But this time it's not a success. Any one seen Indian "General Formula" Movies would find this movie is such a movie minus the songs and the boy friend.

Not the best movie I've seen. I can give 7/10 that's assuming this as an experiment gone wrong. If I ever see Torentino speaking this other-wise will change the vote to 5/10.

PS I wonder which air line allow Samurai Swords in the cabin

PSPS plsase excuse me for the language. English is not my first language
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Tunnel (2002 Video)
Ugly one!
23 March 2003
Consider "I Know All" Action hero is lighting a cigarette in the darkness. While tries to hide/seek the Bad guys. (Probably to give a signal light to say here I am coming)

That's one of the 100 scenes you can laugh at. (I think the movie should in the Comedy category.)

Awful directing, awful script, Bad Acting, Cheap special effects. (They used a tunnel so they can hide there acting in darkness)

3 out of 10 (that also for making me laugh looking at those pathetic mistakes)
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Malena (2000)
Art of movie making
23 March 2003
I have seen this movie again. for 3 reasons , First to see Monica Bellucci, second to experience those special moments of film direction at perfectioon, Third for to listen to that perfect music.

The Movie is all about making movies with no special affects but creative camera angles. Director users his camera in such a way that one could see the Art of Movie making is at perfection. I specially Like the scene which is running close to five minutes in the town center, where people gossip about Malenas' Lovers, The whole scene seeming done in one cut this choreographed conversations is one of the perfect piece of directing I've seen.

I still feel some of the scenes are overly dramatized (consider the cigarette lighting scene), But it does not hinder the perfect artistic nature of this beautiful movie. Also the Score of this movie which is equally emphasizing the comical behaviors of the town folks and the silent sorrows of malena at the same time.

The movie is a must see movie and I recommend it to any one not having the label "SCI-FI, Action and Special effects ONLY"

I am sure its not only Renato has wild fantacies about Malena :)
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Good movie, Disappointing adaptation
19 July 2002
I just returned from the movie theatre and I have mixed feeling about the movie, I have to admit that I never managed to enjoy the movie since I keep on comparing it with the original book and the TV adaptation I've seen before.

The Movie is really good. It was well done. Actually it would have been be better, if they introduced the movie as "Based on the Story count of Monte-Cristo" Instead of telling "Alexander Dumas Count of Monte-Cristo".

I read the Comments in IMDB before going to the theatre and I did not expect a perfect adaptation of the story. But I must admit that actually the previous comments on the movie as "Not faithful" to the book is bit too soft. The movie has not taken anything out from the book except for the character.

The original count of Monte cristo is not just a simple rich man with lots of money to spend on revenge. Behind that character there is a shrewd businessmen, a calculating Politician and an Iron heart.

He is more mystical person than the count in the movie. He had mystical portions, Knowledge on all known arts. He has taken lot of such things from Arabia and Africa.

The character like the Nubian Slave and the African (or was it Turkish) Princess In the original story has no place in the movie. The Count is not as vulnerable as in the movie. The book gives in great detail the how he goes towards his goals.

This movie has nothing of that sort. Actually the movie has wasted so much precious minutes in the prison, which they would have used in the latter part more effectively.

One might argue with me it's not possible to bring such a big story (The book may be at least 2KG heavy) to a movie. For them, I would ask to watch the TV adaptation of the same story. It has all the essence of the original book. Though that adaptation take off lots of chunks of the story away, it is not trying to change the original story.

BTW, now I am longing for that TV adaptation. It would be nice to see it again after seen this disappointing adaptation.

If you have read the book don't go to the movie. It's a total disappointment. If you haven't read the book, then go and watch the movie it's a nice production. (Someone before me wrote this advice but unfortunately I was too adamant to listen to him.)

6 out of 10 from me!
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