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6 October 2003
Who cares that nothing happened? It was great! The lack of plot development gave me a chance to really connect with the characters. This movie oozed with charm and class. It was very subtle. I love it for that. Bill's performance is the best acting job I have ever seen him do.

A couple of things that are debated:

(1) Stereotypes: They are not there. At the very beginning of the movie I was concerned that it would make fun of the Japanese culture, but I think it treated it fairly and understandable. Because it is so different and strage to us and the characters, it seems offensive, but it is accurate. Also comical. A fish out of water is funny. Remember Crocodile Dundee? Was that offensive and stereotypical to Americans?

(2) The opening shot: The best opening shot of any movie I have ever seen. Sofia must have a lot of guts to open her movie with that shot, and I commend her for it. It is a beautiful shot.
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Revenge is a dish best served... in SPACE!!!
2 February 2002
First, I found the 'warp speed' completely unrealistic. I've seen warp speed before, and you may rest assured that it looks NOTHING like that. When Data used that light saber on the ice monster it looked so fake. Also, who made Spock a Captain? Has Lando Calrissian gone completely mad? (You rock, Billy Dee!) Also, to all the space-babes out there, have any of you ever considered being in "space porn"? No gravity. Think about it. Also, the addition of the "Clone War" led me to believe that Khan was a clone himself. Is he supposed to represent George Lucas, who "cloned" the Star Trek idea, and made those other movies? What a loser. Try and original idea once in a while, weirdo. And shave that beard! Also, Spock should've worn an earring, to reflect that Star Trek is hip, and up-to-date. You rock, my space brothers and sisters! This is the captain, signing out! Beam me away, Worf!!!
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The Monster (1994)
One of the funniest things I've seen.
25 January 2002
What a funny movie. There are some great sight gags and great physical humor. Roberto is an incredibly funny film maker and this movie will not disappoint. I watched this with a group of friends and we laughed through the whole thing. 7/10
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Theatre Night: Metamorphosis (1989)
Season 4, Episode 5
Tim Roth? The man can act.
29 November 2001
This is a very strange adaptation of a strange book. All in all it's not likely to appeal to people who are not fans of the book. It's a very strange taping of the play based off the book.

One thing that you should not miss is the performance that Tim Roth gives as Gregor Samsa, the man turned bug. His physical performance is especially worth watching. He becomes the bug with no costume or makeup and pulls it off very well. Watch him climb and swing and perform amazing physical feats. It's really rather impressive. Worth the watch.
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Boy, oh boy, did this suck.
23 June 2001
This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I didn't want to see his movie, but my friends really wanted to see it bad. It was sold out, but we got into the 12:15am show time and the theater was packed! AT 12:15!! I don't understand what the appeal of this movie is. A bunch of fast cars? Fast cars does not a good movie make.

The dialogue of this movie was terrible. There wasn't anything interesting said the whole time. My friends (who LOVED the movie) tried to defend it saying that they talked like real people talk. Well, if I want to see real people talk I'll go to the barber shop or something; somewhere where I don't have to pay $8.25. Such lines as "It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning." and "I'll have the tuna fish," are the most memorable, and believe me they really sucked.

The plot hardly got in the way of the blatant attempt to make a movie just for the reason of a bunch of cars going really fast. And audiences couldn't WAIT to see a bunch of cars going really fast. Maybe these people should watch NASCAR or something, then they won't have to worry about ignoring some piddly plot. If you want to see a GOOD movie with cars see Bullitt.

Who hired these actors? ALL of them were terrible especially Vin Diesel who sleeps through the movie. My guess is they spent so much money on the cars that they could only afford to hire fifth rate actors.

I gave this movie a 2 out of 10. The only reason it didn't get a 1, is because of the cars, if the scenes with the cars were surrounded by something that didn't make me want to ride the bus from now on, then maybe it could've gotten a higher rating.
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