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The Forgotten (2004)
Never know what is in it
30 August 2008
You will enjoy this movie in a dark room with good speakers and a good size TV. This movie has a great story line, something that you can follow and think about.

I remember when we first seen this movie, we were enjoying the movie, then unexpectedly; pop corns, chips and chocolate were flying around in the cinema. That was the first experience I have ever had with a scary scene like that, even my bits of chocolate were on the floor. I have watched other thrillers, none of them made it this far.

There are a lot of people I met who have different opinions to what the movie is about, but it is important to think about what the writer thought because its from his views.
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Great, could be better
3 June 2008
This movie is great, but I though it could have been done better.

The acting is wonderful, especially when the time period was around World War II!

The costume was great! And also the storyline!

The music was wonderful, it really help us feel like we are living that same time period.

This was a hard movie for me to hate because the story line was great and everything in it, the only problem I had; when the scene changes, it doesn't make sense. This is the part which it could have been better.

Other than that, its a movie to be enjoyed.
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Counter Measures (1998 Video)
counter measures
21 October 2006
The movie has a good story line, the action is good in some parts, but not all of them. Some of the parts, I just felt like the bad guys wouldn't have dosed off yet, from my experience from taking Martial arts. Some are the actions are long, like always mostly for the boss, but for the least important ones, they were killed or dosed off with a few hits, but some where quite unrealistic or could have done a better job at.

The least important actors or stunt people were the right picks for the movie, my girlfriend started to have a crush on them that she started to watch the movie more than she spends her time with me.

The movie is good, that is all I can say.
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Crisis (1997)
9 September 2006
This movie is probably the poorest made movie I have ever seen! The action was very childlike killing someone with one hit or a bullet. The insane part is: shooting a gun inside a house, when you can be heard! This movie is unrealistic, its a waste of money.

The people that acted in that movie, can do way better at action, like for example, a body builder guy, Jason Campbell who plays Jim, is on that movie. It was a waste not putting him in a good action fight, but instead, he was put in a part where he can die with one move. The people that acted in that movie are also very weak at acting, I am sure they can do better.

All of this is what I say about the movie, apologies for making fans angry at me.
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