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Brilliant *and* funny -- hard to beat
3 October 2004
The previous user who compared this film to the 'Fishing With John' series has it down fabulously. However, I have to disagree that you need to know anything about Herzog to enjoy the film. All you need to know is supplied in the very deftly-handled exposition.

I'd also compare it to LOST IN LA MANCHA... except, well. And it's kinda like WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, but... but mostly, it's very like THE BL-... well, I should shut up.

All I can say is that the film is proof that there is *something* to this latest onslaught of documentaries. There is great value in the language they use to convey a story and the self-reflexive possibilities are now endless, thanks to Zak Penn.

See this film.
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Li'l Abner (1959)
Fabulous Fifties Musical Time Capsule
24 May 2002
Sure, it's hokey, brash, and fairly simple. It's a living *cartoon*! The songs and jokes are very dated ... which is fantastic! Li'l Abner is actually a fabulous political satire from the 50's. Not only that, but thankfully Michael Kidd's original athletic choreography from Broadway has been captured for posterity. And, hey. Any film that features Valerie Harper, Beth Howland, and Julie Newmar before they were stars ... plus Leslie Parrish (author Richard Bach's wife!) as Daisy Mae ... jeesh. It's a national treasure!
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Blink (2001)
A remarkable first film. Simple and effective.
4 April 2002
Deborah Vancelette has created a thoroughly engaging film with BLINK. By setting audiences up for a charming short about a harried woman's day from hell, and then smacking them upside the head with a surprise ending. Not only that, but Vancelette delivers a pitch-perfect, unselfconscious performance in the lead role. With an economy of image, action, and plot, Vancelette shows a mature control of the medium lacking in many veteran directors, let alone first-time filmmakers like herself. A favorite among audiences at the Chlotrudis Awards Short Film Festival in Boston, BLINK should be at the top of the list of any festival-goer.
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