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Sin Nombre (2009)
Predictable road trip with good characters
29 January 2015
This was a documentary style film looking at two characters wanting to travel away from either poverty or violence. The premise is simple and carries out throughout the movie like the train from the movie.

The depicted violence wasn't that grotesque and was filmed in a way that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, so it doesn't overpower the rest of the scenes.

What makes it good is the cinematography, the likable main and side characters and the overall atmosphere. The music presented also left me thinking of the film in a relaxed atmosphere.

Where the movie fails is the story, which is predictable and simple. The viewer is not left with a lot of unexpected things to happen while the movie rolls on, so the only thing to do is to study the characters and suck in the atmosphere. I expected a bit more based on the Netflix overall review score when I decided to watch this movie. What I got is worth a view, but it could have been so much better.
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Planet Earth (2006)
Simply put, stunning
2 September 2007
I have never, ever given any title a perfect ten. Mainly because I never thought that there will ever be something that truly deserves the praise. I was so wrong. Watching this amazing display of planet earth's resources in high definition is just simply breath taking. In addition David Attenboroughs commentary is spot on. Calm, informative and quiet in just the right places. Sometimes the picture is so beautiful, that one just simply forgets the commentary and just starer in awe on the beauty of the landscapes and other details. Sometimes the director feeds the viewer with juicy bits of slow motion scenes to add to the effect of the moment. I simply can't recommend this title enough to everyone. Just pick it up anywhere you can find it. Spectacular.
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U-571 (2000)
If you have already seen Das Boot, then don´t watch this one.
29 October 2001
For starters I should say that I saw Das Boot before this action packed Hollywood film. Propably that is why I don´t appriciate it too much. U-571 lends so many story/athmosphere elements from Das Boot, that the filmmakers should be ashaimed of themselves. BUT if you haven´t seen Das Boot then U-571 might be a more pleasant experience.

Rent Das Boot for true WWII submarine claustrophobia...
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