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The IT Crowd: Bad Boys (2010)
Season 4, Episode 5
I didn't laugh once
10 August 2010
Since season 1 this show has been going downhill fast. This is probably the worst episode yet. It appears that the show's writers have stopped trying, and instead of geek jokes they have decided that every episode should be about geeks getting into some unusual situation.

Honestly I get the feeling that the "studio audience" must be comprised of either a room full of people and laughing gas, or else it's canned laughter. There is something not quite right when the laugh track bursts out into hysterical laughter over a man using the word "bloody".

It may be kinder to just put this show down after this season, as it is obvious that the producers, writers and actors just couldn't be bothered trying any more.
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Revelations (2005– )
An hour of religious TV in a week...
17 April 2005
... and suddenly religion is being shoved down your throat? If you believe this, then you probably do have difficulty figuring out how to use the remote control to change the channel.

Oh, and I'm sure that the number of atrocities committed by non-Christians is much more than those committed by Christians. So if you're going to use that argument, surely overall it's better to be a Christian than a non-Christian?

Revelations is not perfect television. But it's refreshing to have something from a different perspective than the other 99% of TV. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out. Until then, please give it a chance, and don't be as judgmental and hateful as you accuse other people to be.
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It's a TRUE story
4 February 2005
I find it hilarious how other people are commenting that the film is unrealistic. Try reading the book, guys! This film is based on a true story, and although minor parts have been changed, the story about David and Nicky is true.

Also, another IMDb user wrote in their comment that David refuses to take a severely stabbed Nicky to hospital unless he accept Christ. Maybe this person hasn't seen the film, or their hate of Christianity was deluding them, but this does not happen in the film.

This film's a picture of what a messed up life on drugs is truly like, and the solution is Christ. Take it or leave it, but bagging a film just because it's Christian is just immature.
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Terrible film
30 June 2004
I had the misfortune of seeing this film on TV, and the biggest mistake was watching it all the way through. I have great respect for Dreyfuss as an actor (Mr Holland's Opus was a classic film, as was Close Encounters and Jaws), but this film hits rock bottom. There was no laughter coming from any member of our household all the way through the film. How this could be called a family comedy is beyond me, because it's not for family (unless you think that teaching your kids that it's OK to get a woman drunk to sleep with her is a good thing), and it's not a comedy, because a comedy is meant to be funny.

I rank this alongside Luggage of the Gods as the most unfunny comedy I've ever seen.
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Ignore the Christian-bashers
12 May 2004
Once you wade past all the people who have nothing better to do than bash this film because it is a Christian film, you will find that this is a very accurate fictional account of how the last days could be. It plays like a live-action Frank Peretti novel (I can't wait for his books to get adapted to the screen). The acting is very good, especially Casper Van Dien who plays his role very well, with good performances also by Michael York and Michael Ironside. The film is accurately based on the accounts foretold in the Book of Revelation, with very few minor errors that I noticed. The special effects were surprisingly good, as I was expecting a low-budget film, but it surprised me with how realistic it actually was. Highly recommended.
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26 February 2004
I saw this film last night, and it was absolutely stunning, and the best film that I have ever seen. The Lord of the Rings trilogy has nothing on this powerful, brutal, and moving film.

To those who are accusing this film of being anti-Semetic: stop now. To say that this film will stir up hatred against Jews is like saying that Schindler's List will stir up hatred against Germans. The Jews told us that Schindler's List was an important film so that no one forgets about the plights of the Jews, and yet now they say that we should forget about what Jesus had to go through. It is history, it happened, get over it. Atrocities have been committed by every race at some point in history. I didn't come out of the film blaming the Jewish people, any more than I came out blaming the Italians.

This film is incredible. Put your prejudices (yes, that's what they are) to one side, and watch it. Everyone will learn something from this film.
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Poor ego-trip for evolutionists
23 October 2002
This film was just an ego-trip for evolutionists, allowing them to bring across that they teach 'the truth' and that everyone else is wrong. They try to do it in a way that is subtle, hoping that it won't be so offensive that way, but it still is.

Even without this, the film is bad bad bad. The story-line and acting are nothing short of pathetic, especially the chick who falls in love with Treat; did they pick her up from the streets or something? If you want to see a good TV film, watch Jason and the Argonauts instead; Jason is much better than his brother Jeremy.
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29 May 2002
Not good. I got bored of this after a while: scream, scream, scream, scream, scream from one of the most annoying actresses (PI, I know, but who cares) in the world. Definitely the worst of the series (with Last Crusade DEFINATELY the best). Waiting for Indy IV on July 4, 2005!
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