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21 October 2003
zi love Sci Fi and Cheesey sci Fi...The Hit

1. THe technology and setting was great...They spent money on effect 2. the battles were pretty good..I like the laser bullets

the Miss...

1. I don't know, it hurts for me to see a man who is very funny, just not be funny in this movie, I really think they told Eddie to add lib the whole movie...the other actors looked as if they just waited for him to add lib then did there was just bad

2. the story was ok, but I just did not like the twist in the end..thought it was cheesy

great sci fi setting but little else 5/10
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19 June 2002
I love the original show, but this remake stunk. Everything about it was bad from the story to the actors picked. The story could have worked if they made this movie into a space adventure or futuristic flick. A giant at-at walker type spider? huh! I wish they stayed more to the original including a white actor for Jim West(I am black and did not feel Will fit the role)and not get to far ahead of themselves in technology.This was a horrible movie as a "wild wild west" but could have worked as a sci fi/future thriller.
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Krull (1983)
A little slow
13 June 2002
Granted I was watching this late knowing I had work...this movie was slower than I had remembered...It was an Ok film that needed to be stretched over four hours and should have been an epic.Seems like they spent five hours watching people riding flamed horses and spent another five wathcing our main man rock climb, bad editing. Shuld have been more action and development of character. It seemed like people just popped up and rolled with the man and pretty much died in the process. Seemed like our "hero" never gave it his all to protect his peoples. An ok film that I wasted money on at video store. I should have waited for a late night viewing on cable.
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13 June 2002
I can buy the fact that this film is historical and a benchmark in Cinematography. It also represents some great things in America such as the Iron will of its people after diversity and the fact that we all have rights and freedoms of our opinions. On the flipside for myself a black male this is a painful film to watch, Yes it is years ago but these are still attitudes that exist today. Not everyone has these attitudes, But the point I wanted to make is (along with the Flag issues) is that bad things did happen to good people because of things in past decades. Certain imagery can be upsetting. Life does go on but it is unfair for folks of other cultures to always say "give it a rest" when it comes to matters of Slavery or past intimidations and crimes. It is in the Past you have to go on but it still can be painful and there is a right to still be disturbed by the ideas on men such as Griffith
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China O'Brien (1990)
Cheese, but fun
7 June 2002
Cheesy but fun. Pure Battle sequences, lots of action. Whether intentional or not it was hilarious. In the beginning when the disgruntled student does not believe in the power of Kung Fu he wants China to go into an alley in the middle of a City to prove Kung fu! first Bruce Lee I don't think would do it with all the guns in the cities. Second she is Kicking arse one by one and explaining all the moves. Even better the Kung fu Muslim Brother comes to aid her. And the best comedy relief of the movie is the australian guy with his version of Kangaroo Kung Fu! what a riot. He has some martial arts moves but He manages to splice it with street gymnastics and drop kicks, yes two legged dropped kicks landing on the booty in the middle of a serious fight. Good for straight action raw on story 5 out of ten
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THis is western Pa!
6 June 2002
Great movie! one of my favorites. All may not like it but for a regional boy this is exactly what western pa is. Small steel towns that have nothing left except their sporting pride. Kids wanting to escape and western Pa's beloved football is the only way out for many. These are the Western Pa. Archeotypes : Some kids love it but feel they can't make it any other way. Salvuchi

Some kids have the talent but need that extra exposure. But it all depends on how individuals in power like you. Stef

Kids with enough talent to get out of the town without added exposure. the receiver who went to West Virginia

The coach who thinks he is God of town if he has some success. Nelson

the disgruntled band student,"why do they get athletes deserve scholarship attitudes" Lea.

The movie nailed the sights and sounds. It showed how whole towns close on friday nights. The football scenes were great! Even besides the football it showed the tough steelman, the guys in towm that slave all day and go to the watering hole right after work before going home for the evening. It showed how serious we Western Pa's take our local sports, We really would trash a coaches yard and fight seventeen year olds if we think they cost the game. Gritty reality to small town life. An under appreciated film that captures a regions attitude and feel in our great Nation! Ampipe is Aliquippa,Duquesne, Johnstown, beaver falls clairton, McKeesport,monesson and the rest of the Mon and beaver Valleys that were created by the US Steel, J&L and Bethleham steel
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Don't like to pull the card...but
28 May 2002
This movie did not seem fun and fair like Indy...There were some racially offensive things about this film. Sharon calls an Arab a tile head...Most of the natives were absolute idiots...there was all the bad "dark" tribes and some wonderfully peaceful "light" tribe in in the trees. Just many offensive adjectives towards the "natives". But I would still watch it..For some reasons imitation movies pull me in like the originals.
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Red Sonja (1985)
21 May 2002
I rather enjoyed red sonja, Conans were better though...It always did bother that this was not officially a conan movie...Same actors! this should of been Conan 3...Just the lesser of the sequel. The film had adequate action, but for an adolescent! this was a very sexy movie, pretty actresses lots of mones and grunts, skimpy outfits, a queen that was attracted to all "parties"...well you get the picture. Just hate to see someone play a same roll in two seperate movies
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