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A perfect distillation of the Aubrey/Maturin Novels
29 April 2019
As a fan of the books, this movie perfectly distils the essence of the O'Brians works. The life aboard a man o'war during the Napoleonic Wars was hard and often brutal, and the battle scenes are violent and life often short.

However it is in the relationships aboard the ship - where women are a vague, lusted for concept - where this movie shines. The very different characters in Aubrey (Crowe) and Maturin (Bettany) are the best of friends, and it is their relationship that provides the balance in the books and movie. The friendships and yes, passion that the men have for each other in the face of war and weather is so well teased out without being overt of maudlin. The acting is perfect and the cast well suited to their various roles.

Soundtrack and cinematography are sublime and create the world that seems so similar to ours, but worked on very different ideas.

One my favourite movies of all time. Long may the HMS Surprise sail.
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Storm Boy (1976)
A touching coming of age film, from a part of Australia few people get to see
20 October 2015
A very moving and personal film, set on the windswept coast of South Australia. In many respects it could be anywhere in the world - as the cold and the wind and isolation are far from the public image of Australia. I first saw this film when I was seven with school at the cinema - and bawled my eyes out. The alienation from his father than Storm Boy feels is ameliorated by the connection to the land and the the animals via a local Aboriginal man Fingerbone - thereby making it a very spiritual film for many. I've since showed it to my own son who enjoyed it but then...inconsolable - said "why did you show this to me?!" Think Ring of Bright Water, or Old Yeller by way of animals bringing out the best in us...
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