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Source Code (2011)
This is actually "real" Science Fiction, so a lot of people may not fully "get it"
10 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The original meaning of the term "Science Fiction" was basically that the writer assumes some major scientific or engineering breakthrough has been made, and then writes a scientifically coherent story that illustrates the impact that this fictional development has. Most so-called "Sci-Fi" is NOT Science Fiction at all, it's basically Cowboy stories in spacesuits. I don't see anything at all wrong with the ending; it might be a tad too feel-good for some sad souls, but the whole point is, this is a story centered around a brand new technology that the users still barely understand; it doesn't have to follow somebody's clod ideas of "common sense." Apparently science doing unexpected things is only acceptable if it does the WRONG thing.... To me the most haunting scene lasted just a couple of seconds, where we saw that the previous animated conversation between Stevens and Goodwin consisted of nothing more than chatroom-like text on a computer screen. The rest was just an illusion generated by the computer.
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Utopia (I) (2014– )
Not just about government departments
23 August 2017
Quite a few people, while they are highly amused by this series, seem to assume that there is a degree of "poetic license" involved, and that the episodes of bureaucratic ineptitude have been "enhanced for dramatic effect."

Having worked for a very large Australian retail chain who have recently fallen on difficult times, (you know who they are :-) I can assure them that the level of HR dingbat-ery, IT ineptitude and over-the-top Political Correctness used as a ploy to mask the incompetence of lower- echelon staff, are actually very close to the mark.

I would love to be on their writing team; I could probably provide them with enough fresh material to keep them going for years!
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