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Wasted (2006)
I love this film!!
23 September 2005
I just got back from the first official screening of the movie. Wow, it is really great! I mean, the characters are so real. I went with my friend who actually worked on the film and is friends with the director and producer. The director in fact went to my college (for 2 years then he dropped out). But yeah, I really can relate to this film so much. It's not some lame teen movie with a predictable storyline and cheep humor, it's a real life look at a few guy's lives. The director said actually that a lot of the things did happen to him and his friends, and that carries through. Anyways, once this movie comes out, (hopefully it will play in many places) everyone should go see it. If you are a college or just out of college student, see this film.
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