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Along with Family Guy, one of the funniest shows
10 August 2003
I was a huge fan of Space Ghost Coast to Coast when it was introduced back in 1994 (it has lost a lot since 2000). It was hilarious to see these 60's characters making references to their past incarnations (which were awful) and how they made fun of them. It was great to see Space Ghost believe he was greater than he actually was. I consider this aspect and the idea of the talk show with live action stars to be not only creative but also one of the most original and funny concepts ever.

Now we have Harvey Birdman, based on the same principle as Space Ghost C to C, but expanding on the "let's make fun of all the crappy Hanna Barbera animations of the 60's" concept, which is simply great.

The series were introduced in 2001 when Cartoon Network launched Adult Swim, but after a few episodes it disappeared. Thankfully, it wasn't because of low ratings but because they were making more episodes, and each one is even funnier than the one before.

The constant reference to old cartoons and characters is just amazingly funny and, contrary to what some people have posted here, I am well under thirty but I have seen all the re- runs from the original shows in CN, so I believe that it has a larger audience than some people give it credit for.

All the characters are great, starting with Birdman himself. I just finished watching one where the judge is Mentok. That character is hilarious. He is constantly trying to show how great his mental control powers are. It's crazy.

If somebody hasn't seen it yet, please give it a try. Cartoon Network has probably one of the funniest lineups with shows like this and Family Guy, all great and edgy animated sitcoms.
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Daredevil (2003)
What Spiderman could and should have been
12 April 2003
It had been a long time since I enjoyed a movie so much as this one. After the dissapointing Spiderman (a couple a spectacular VFX shots, but that's it) it was refreshing to see such a great adaptation of a comic book. This movie really deserves to be placed with XMen and delivers all the elements we have been waiting for for years in the Batman films: character development. Great sound, great FX (and great they don't rely on digital effects as the so dependant Spiderman), a spot on cast (yes, Affleck is great), and great length: the movie just leaves you wanting more.

It's is a shame that so many people will miss such a great movie just because they don't like the cast or the character, or even more stupid because they compare it to Spiderman.... They are DIFFERENT!!!

I am waiting for the DVD and hoping for a sequel. A perfect 10.
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