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Fred Claus (2007)
Surprised at some of the other reviews . . .
6 December 2008
My partner and I loved this movie. We own a couple hundred Christmas movies and are only able to watch a small subset each year, but I think this will go into our "rotation" as a perennial favorite.

Vince Vaughn is his typical self - caustic but charming. Paul Giamatti is great as a jolly Santa Claus who's got just a little bit too much on his plate this year, what with family and productivity challenges . . .

Kathy Bates and Trevor Peacock make great parents for the Claus siblings, and Kevin Spacey is great is his pivotal role.

The special effects are also excellent: seamless and effective - the North Pole never looked better ;-)

In short, this is a fun and funny Christmas movie. See it!
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Classic performances in this classic comedy
25 July 2003
This is one of the really great screwball comedies, with classic performances from all, especially the supporting cast. Ken Mars as Hugh Simon ("I'm Hugh." "You're me?" "No, I'm Hugh!" "Stop saying that! Make him stop saying that!"), Madeline Kahn in her screen debut, but especially Liam Dunn as the judge. Although this was one of his first "star" turns, he just about steals the show in his one big courtroom scene. I could watch that one scene over and over.

If you haven't seen this one, you're missing a classic. Check it out.
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