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Duke Nukem Forever (2011 Video Game)
A promising game let down by a very late release.
15 June 2011
I have remarked that critics have been quite negative towards this game because it is bound to be compared to recent 2011 shooting games which is a shame as it has been suggested it would've been appreciated more if it was released sooner . Needless to say that doesn't take away from the fact that the game can still prove to be enjoyable.Due to the timing of the game's release; critics cannot really help you to decide whether or not to buy it as only your own opinion can help you here as the bulk of the reviews more less compare it to more up to date games which really isn't very helpful when picking a game to be honest. Aren't people forgetting that this would've been out a few years back were it not for the issues 3D realms ran into? I cannot deny that it seems dated compared to recent games but I don't care; graphics are not everything besides what were people expecting when Gearbox was polishing up what 3D realms started; it's not like they were going to start from scratch again? This game is not unlike shooters of the late 1990s and early 2000s; some people will find favour with this while others won't.

If you enjoy Duke's style in humour then the humour in this certainly will not disappoint you as it's very much like Duke Nukem 3D's ; but obviously it's not for everyone. Honestly I don't really understand why some critics call Duke's humour unfunny but yet praise humour in games that is mediocre at best. As for critics that question Dukes character; I really hope they are joking. I can accept various opinions on Duke Nukem Games but to question the protagonist that makes the franchise so unique and enjoyable definitely raises questions as Duke Nukem is a gaming icon that still has an appeal;even today and is a nice change from the typical serious heroes you see in a lot of recent games.

Oh and don't worry about all the controversy this game has sparked off for all it's mature content; we all knew it was bound to do that if it was going to be a follow up to Duke Nukem 3D which was also quite controversial at the time. If the game was watered down to appease some critics; it just wouldn't be a Duke Nukem game would it?

The game is not without it's flaws but it has interesting elements and very interactive environments. The enemies and bosses are pretty cool and challenging.The only things I don't really like about this game is the linearity in levels, a checkpoint system, only carrying two weapons, strength tests and the new Health system. This game will not have the replay value of Duke Nukem 3D but really what game does these days? Aren't all shooting games nowadays pretty much linear? It's a trend this game regretfully followed but luckily it has things that make it worth checking out.

Now that Gearbox owns the rights to Duke Nukem; I imagine things will go a lot smoother in later games as 3D realms was biting of more than they could chew trying to keep up with the times as they just didn't have the numbers or resources to pull it off while Gearbox is a much bigger company which has been something the Duke franchise has been in need of. It's a safe bet Duke will have more adventures to come; always bet on Duke ;)
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Toy Story Rip Off? Yeah right......
26 February 2011
Looking at some of the reviews here I couldn't help noticing people comparing this to Toy Story. Toy Story while well known for living toys was not the first to explore the concept; things like Bagpuss and the secret life of toys spring to mind and both series came out before Toy Story and might I add Bagpuss came out in the 70's at least 20 years before it. People really need to get their facts right.

Ah and then we get to not being entirely faithful to Romeo and Julliet. So what; did it not occur to some of these people that it's clearly targeted for kids? The lion king was based on Hamlet and we all know it's very different from it's source material and if it can prove to be enjoyable then why not this? People really need to lighten up; like the lion king it's more less a kid friendly take on a well known Shakespeare play. If people want to be critical of this not being faithful to it's source then the lion king doesn't deserve to be successful either; the truth hurts more than a lie but someone has to say something about people constantly jabbing this for being different from the original Romeo and Julliet. I don't have anything against the lion king as I have fond memories of it from childhood but it's a wonder how it never got the same lashing for not being completely faithful to Hamlet with these sort of people around. Anyway staying on subject what odds if this isn't entirelly faithful to Romeo and Julliet there's already adaptions that exist that are completely faithful to this well known story anyway :)

This film is underrated if you ask me; it definitely succeeds in entertaining it's target audience and has a lot of good laughs on the way; my younger cousins loved it and even I laughed too; one particular scene I really liked was when Julliet said "Swim away be free" to a clay fish and then when she puts it into the water it just sinks to the bottom :) People whine far too much these days it's no wonder making a film is a lot harder than it was back then and I can't help but feel a lot of things that are considered classics would be nowhere near as successful if they were released in this day and age.
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Fred: The Movie (2010 TV Movie)
One word; Why?
2 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
As if 1 - 3 minutes of this irritating voice in a video on youtube wasn't enough though I do admit I did somewhat find the original series amusing for a while but it didn't take long to grow sick of it. Why was this film made? Nothing more than money to cash in on Fred's popularity on youtube because the people that made it know all these stupid fangirls and fanboys will actually go to see it and here I thought entertainment could not sink any lower and guess what? I hear they might make a sequel for theatrical release..... I know Nick didn't make this film but what were they thinking hosting it on their channel!? I do not want to see anything related to Fred on TV ever again; especially not on a network that has bought us so many great things such as Sabrina, Spongebob, Angry Beavers etc. It was bad enough Fred appeared on ICarly but a movie about him too? I only watched this godforsaken thing because my younger cousin wanted to see it.

God almighty; The Nick I once knew is dying a slow and painful death and there is no mistaking it when they have things like Fred in one of their shows (Icarly) and then helping to promote one of his movies? Come on Nick you can do better! If Nick ever did end; I would want them to go out with a bang not a whimper and featuring things like this makes the "Whimper" seem more likely..... Honestly do we really need a movie for every popular internet series? No We Don't! First Nigahiga gets a movie, then Fred; what next, Chris Crocker? :/ Sure Nigahiga might be better than Fred but so what? It didn't deserve a movie either; I really am losing patience with popular online series automatically qualifying for a movie as a lot of them are mediocre at best and are only good for a few minutes of viewing; not an hour or more, sadly it's all about popularity these days not actual talent and I cannot tell you how old that motivation is getting; it's ruining the spirit of Television and Films alike. If any online series actually deserves a shot at a movie; it's the Angry Video Game Nerd ; at least his videos actually have proper *acting* and a great style in humor while things like Fred are an insult to true comedy and acting itself; worse still is the fact anyone can edit their voice like he does and if a AVGN Movie were to be made; successful or not at least I'd be able to say James was talented and deserved a movie. I could speak about the many qualities of James Rolfe (the avgn) but I'm supposed to be talking about this, right?

Anyway this takes place 9 years after the original series and Fred is now 15 instead of six (Quite creepy if you ask me) and it's one of those lame plots where Fred wants to see Judy but discovers she has moved and after going on an *adventure* Fred discovers she's only moved a few minutes away from his house..... Oh and at the end Fred lets out one of his irritating unfunny screams :S *Sarcastic* Bet you didn't see the annoying scream coming? The living near Fred gag is so bleh; first we hear Judy lived near Fred all along when she moved and then oh guess what? Fred's dad lived near him all along too. As for the humor do not get me started;it's appalling and unoriginal to boot. Oh and how the hell could they put this on a younger viewers network? If you've watched the original series you'll hear all sorts of things that are clearly not suitable for children occasionally; so how can what Lucas says "programming for kids by kids" be true? The simple answer is it's not. The original series itself doesn't even seem to know who it's viewers are; is it Adults or Children? . At one point for instance Fred's grandmother is briefly mentioned caring for Fred while his mother was in rehab due to taking alcohol and drugs; things like that are not the sort of thing children should be hearing in a series that's supposed to be aimed at them and now we have a film based on the series marketed on a kid's network? Nick should know better than to boost Fred's popularity because surely they've figured out it's not really Kid Friendly at all and there are undoubtedly some things in this film that aren't really kid friendly either. I know some Kid's cartoons occasionally had cute and sly references to mature themes but at least it was done in such a way younger viewers wouldn't pay any mind to it as only older viewers would get it while in Fred's case it's out in the open for all to hear; big mistake for this to ever be classified as a kids series and yet it doesn't work as a series for adults either; WHO IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE AIMED AT? I could go on all day about this garbage but I would more less end up repeating what some reviewers have already said.

In a nutshell if you watch this; lock your mind away somewhere safe first as you'll lose it by the time you're done watching this. "Why?" would've been more than sufficient to review this film but reviews have to be 10 or more sentences long. Watch at your own peril and remember "Programming for kids by kids" is completely irrelevant to describe this and the original series; you'd think Lucas himself would know that; seriously is he talking about the same Fred on youtube? He can't even describe his own series accurately. If you don't believe me watch the series yourself and you'll soon pick out some things kids shouldn't be hearing.
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What can I say? Well executed film based on the TV series!
30 August 2010
It's not uncommon for a popular TV series to get a film based on it but how many of those films actually feel faithful to the source material and are equally enjoyable? Sadly not very many.Tom and Jerry: The Movie is one of many notable failures as well as Dougs 1st movie; "Ugh". The Spongebob Squarepants Movie on the other hand is just what we've been waiting for. A film adaption of a TV series that has all the right elements that made the TV series so great in the 1st place. All the characters have the personality that made them likable and they didn't do anything in this film that you could not picture them doing in the episodes which is why it's well done; Including Plankton who is the main antagonist in this movie like he is in various episodes and one of Mr Krab's get rich ideas by building the "Krusty Krab 2". It's well worth seeing. Amazingly this film doesn't feel like a dragged out episode either; nice musical numbers too.
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A Fish Tale (2000)
Better than Finding Nemo? In terms of story definitely!
26 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Sure the Animation may not be on Par with Disney but why should Finding Nemo Overshadow this or any Disney Film for that matter? I have seen Finding Nemo and personally my reaction was "Meh". It is true that better animation would have been nice but to be honest that can easily be shrugged off considering a lot of films these days have great visuals and no noteworthy story... Having said that the Animation in this is very good considering the company that made it doesn't have as much money as Disney. The story in this is far better than quite a few Disney Films; yes some Disney films are very moving but I never could truly call them *original*. This on the other hand offered something completely new. I do have to say that some elements of this film are quite dark but that's perfectly fine; I'm not really a fan of things being sugarcoated and in itself it helps to make this all the more fun to watch.

The main story of the film kicks of when Three Children (Fly, Stella and Chuck) decide to go fishing but come across Marine Biologist Professor Mackrills Lab which is situated in a Boat Lab. A very interesting concept begins here too; reflecting on that the Polar Ice Caps might melt in 100 years MacKrill has developed a potion that turns people into fish so they can survive the rising sea level; and also an antidote to reverse the process. The Trouble begins when Stella drinks the potion and turns into a starfish and thinking she's an ordinary starfish; she gets thrown out the window into the sea however her transformation was caught on camera, so Fly, Chuck and Professor MacKrill head out onto the ocean in a desperate search. When a storm blows in, Fly realising the search is pointless, drinks the potion and jumps overboard, becoming a Californian Flyfish. The boat capsizes and because Chuck can't swim, he's forced to drink the potion to survive, becoming a jellyfish while The Professor, the boat and all of its contents sinks beneath the waves. However that is not the only problem a Great White Shark and a Pilot fish find the leaking antidote under the ocean and as well as being able to turn fish into humans if enough is drank; smaller doses of it grant the fish human intelligence and the Pilot Fish now calls himself Joe and sets about creating a civilisation of Intelligent Fish.The Idea of a Generation of Fish becoming intelligent by drinking a special antidote in this film is a concept you don't see very often. When the three children (fish?) are united along with a seahorse named Sasha; they cannot find the antidote but passing fish tell them about Joe and "The Magic Potion". Now the Children need to get that antidote because if they don't find it by tomorrow's sunset they will remain fish forever.... I shall let you discover the rest for yourself.

This film is an underrated masterpiece and deserves to be recognised along side Disney Films. The story is entirely original and doesn't feel like one of those; it's already been done before films. My only regret from watching this is why can't more animated films be like this? Joe's voice is really well done among other things.
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Marley & Me (2008)
Most emotional and believable ending ever?
25 August 2010
It's true that when watching this you might consider some of the comedy a bit so-so depending on your own personal tastes but from watching this when establishing the relationship between the family and a family pet; you could not ask for better. If you own a dog ; no matter how hard you try; you'll still compare Marley to it . A lot of recent films these days are soulless and have no emotion but this film proves that some people still know how to make a good film. Marley despite how mischievous he is has a believable character trait and I should know; my dog tore a hole in the settee. Oh and who said this film was made for kids? I have noticed some complaining about some mature themes in this film; remember that this film is based on an auto-biography by journalist John Grogan so why should they trim things out when it's supposed to be based on a true story? Anyone that read the biography should know not to take their kids to see this film if they're so concerned. There is a more kid friendly version of the novel called Marley: A Dog Like No Other which chronicles the dogs adventures but removes the mature themes; so if you're concerned let your kids read that instead.

*Warning Next Part Of Review Contains Spoilers*

The ending of this film is undoubtedly the most tragic and emotional I have ever seen; you would need to have a heart of stone not to feel you need to choke back tears ; the amazing thing about the ending is a lot of us have had to walk down that road; my own Dog in particular had been to the vet a few times and indeed the vet had been successful in saving his life but the next time round the condition had progressed to the point he was beyond help and needed to be put down. It hurt even more when I heard my dad saying to the dog a day or two before we made the final decision "I wish there was something I could do to help you". Make no mistake the ending really does show true human emotion as I felt the same way when my own Dog was put down in July 2010.
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Good concept but some things were missing...........
23 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It's certainly interesting to see a corrupted member of the C.I.A as one the main antagonists along with a few Americans including Gunnar Jensen who was part of The Expendables at the start of the film but is kicked out due to his wreck less behaviour and would later join the side of James Munroe (CIA agent) and the Brutal Dictator General Garza who James Munroe is controlling and keeping in power to make the people in Vilena (Fictional Island set in the Gulf Of Mexico)fear him for his own selfish goals and the main plot is to free the island from James Munroe . Personally I felt there was not really enough insight into The Elite Mercenary Force (The Expendables); things just kept happening and it was only really later in the film I even began to catch on to what it was about. I know all the characters had names but at times I didn't catch them. Another thing I could not understand was the scene with Church, Trench and Ross; did they really need to get Arnold Schwarzenegger (Trench) and Bruce Willis (Church) for a role that was so brief? Really Church offered The Expendables the mission of overthrowing a brutal dictator and then what; we don't see or hear from him after? And the plot between Lee Christmas and Lacy; what was that about? No impact on the plot and you don't even think about Lacy after you see her for the final time on the motorbike when Lee wins her over... In addition just once I'd like to see a film where the shooting combat is believable; name me one elite soldier that can keep throwing enemies to the ground in real life without getting shot by a nearby enemy? I'm all for action films but I've seen too much unbelievable shoot 'em ups already.

Anyway moving away from that I think I should discuss what I found to be good. The acting was quite good and the actors did suit their roles; the best acting of all was undoubtedly from Mickey Rourke (Tool) while making a revelation to Ross ( Sylvester Stallone) about his experience in the Bosnian War to Ross which was definitely among one of the most emotional scenes I've seen in a long time. We really needed to see more of that guy in this film. The plot itself is nicely done but quite hard to understand at first

Here's a list of some of the things I enjoyed and didn't enjoy.



If you're into pure action this is for you.

The Plot is very enjoyable if you can follow and understand it.

The Main Antagonists are very interesting and it's well thought out how General Garza ultimately gets fed up with James Munroe and no longer wants his help as he realises how little he cared about his people and no longer wants to be manipulated.

Does a good job of showing that General Garza cares for his daughter Sandra despite his initial cruelty to his people.

Action flows well and some scenes had tense moments

Some Emotional Scenes especially the one with Tool are well done.


When James Munroe kills General Garza for turning against him we don't even get to see any emotion from Sandra; it certainly could have been a very nice emotional scene as the General was her father and they had finally made peace briefly before he was killed. So we never find out how she felt about it and it's almost like it didn't happen.

Not much insight into The Expendables Mercenary Force which was definitely a real let down.

Can be quite hard to catch the names of some characters and to be honest I had to watch the film a couple of times to get the names; was I the only one?

Some events in the film were almost forgettable and didn't need to be there as they never affected the plot.

We never hear from Church again; he doesn't even show up to congratulate the team on their success.

Plot can be difficult to get into at first.

Combat seemed a bit unrealistic. Does every action film have to have people capable of superhuman feats? Don't mind lack of realism in films but unrealistic combat is just too common now. This might or mightn't be a good thing; it really depends on your own preferences.

Some characters needed to be developed better because some felt like empty shells.
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Hercules (1997)
Great film, not a good adaption of the original myths.
12 November 2009
Then again what did you expect from Disney? At the end of the day what happened in the original myths this was based on would not be appropriate for young children and naturally enough Disney would have to tone it down because there was no way they could include Hercules being conceived out of Zeus raping a mortal woman named Alcmene. When you watch it don't expect it to be a faithful adaption of the Hercules Myths as it's not directly based on them and has major changes such as Hades being a Villain as well as Pegasus meeting Hercules (whereas he didn't in the original Myths). At the end of the day this was made to appeal to Children too and let's not forget while The Black Cauldron was good it would barely appeal to any Children at all because of it's dark story and if this film had followed every last detail in the original Myths; it would only cause a large amount of controversy because Disney Films are expected to be suitable for young viewers as well as older viewers. Like most Disney films such as the lion king which is based on Hamlet; this is not by any means an original story but nevertheless it turned out great and does have a solid story that's suitable for older and younger viewers; give it a chance and if you can't tolerate it not being faithful to the original Myths do not watch it because it won't appeal to you. The music score in this film is great and it doesn't get much more epic than Hercules regaining his Godhood; the music at that point gave me chills; personally I don't really care for Disney Songs but the songs in this did prove to be quite enjoyable especially Go The Distance; another job well done by Disney.

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An underrated Gem.
6 September 2009
This is way better than most films that spoof other films. It's a million times better than the likes of Epic Movie, Disaster Movie and many other pathetic attempts to parody other films. Unlike most films that spoof others this one gets the job done without overdoing it and at times it even felt like an actual Superhero film as well as talented cast members that fit their roles perfectly and the villain "The Hourglass" was good considering it was a parody film. It also has various comedy elements of its own such as Lucille's funeral and many more moments that I would mention but I don't want to spoil the film. At the funeral The priest says "We are gathered here today to say goodbye to Lucille" then all the people at the funeral shout "Goodbye!".If you plan to watch this film do not judge it on the low rating. It's a pity most parody films weren't as good as this.
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Interstate '82 (1999 Video Game)
Good story pity the gameplay was dumbed down :(
7 August 2009
I never really had the chance to complete it's predecessor but I did play the demo version of Intestate 76 which gave me an idea on what the damage was like in that as opposed to '82. This game lacked the detailed weapon and armour management in the original and the health of the vehicle was a health bar instead of the 76's armour/chassis strength system which meant damage wasn't as interesting and it was more like Twisted metal which is a shame as this game would've been better if they hadn't simplified it but it was still fun nonetheless. The storyline was very good and the cut scenes were great too and it was nice that it felt like the 80's with the music style. It's a shame that there will be no more Interstate games :( I would've loved another one of these games to come out with the classic style of gameplay in '76. Now to get the full version of Interstate'76 and complete it :) I can't really say which storyline is better out of this and '76 as I've never completed '76 before but I know '76 had better gameplay.

Overall: Good storyline but the game shouldn't have been simplified.
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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (2008 Video Game)
A good game but the storyline is quite clichéd in my opinion....
2 August 2009
The problem I found with this game was the fact that yet another "alternative universe" had to be created to introduce the Empire of the rising sun and this new alternative universe was created when the Soviets travel back in time to get rid of "Einstien" who was responsible for the Allies high tech weaponry such as the Chronosphere, It would've been better if they found a better storyline to do that instead of copying what was already done in the 1st Red Alert, in the 1st Alert it was a great idea to have an alternative universe but why do it again? The original alternative timeline that was introduced in the 1st Red Alert was fine as it was, getting rid of Hitler to allow the Soviets to rise made perfect sense in the original since without Hitler Germany wouldn't have started World War 2 and thus never attacked Russia (See World war 2 History for details :D) This game has some plot holes for instance, with Einstien gone the Soviets no longer have Nuclear weapons which makes sense but wait who made the Chronosphere with Einstien gone? I know someone else did but it never is explained. Onto the gameplay; the fact that most units have more than one ability is very interesting but one major critcism is the way ore is collected; I know it's a lot easier and reduces the focus on resources but it just doesn't feel the same as the classic resource gathering in previous installations which is a pity even so the game is very fun to play and it's nice to see Naval Combat once again because none of us have seen that in Command and Conquer since Yuri's Revenge but I think naval combat was a bit overrused this time though since almost every mission has it as well as the ability to build bases on water which departs from the fun of a classic Land Battle most of the time (I know the U.S.A in C&C Generals had Ships in some missions but they were really only providing firing support and had no other roles aside from that and the enemy couldn't really counterrattack). The missions in the game can be a challenge which is great to see once again as personally I felt Red Alert 2 was too easy. Music is great to listen to as well. I just wish this had the classic feel of it's predecessors, it comes close but something is still missing, I really would've preferred a good old battle between the Allies and the Soviets without a third faction because now the Empire Of The Rising Sun is the ultimate threat all of a sudden which spoils the effect of how fearsome the Soviets were in previous games except for Yuri's Revenge since Yuri was the main threat in that case. I really would've liked to see the Soviets as the main threat once again in this game. This game would have been a lot better if it felt like a true sequel to Yuri's Revenge because with the new time line taking place in RA3 I don't know whether to call it a Sequel or a Prequel to Yuri's Revenge since it clearly erases the events of Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge and is bound to have changed the 1st Red Alert as well since Nuclear weapons no longer exist. This game is apparently an alternative war to Red Alert 2 since it happens around the same time but it would have been nice if it felt like it continued on directly from Yuri's Revenge instead of making a new time line but then again by Yuri's Revenge a storyline that made sense went out the window and I guess this game took it one step further but even so Yuri's Revenge felt like a sequel whereas this felt like something entirelly different, though Yuri's Revenge messed around with time travel at least what was occurring felt like the classic timeline we all know and love that was established in the original with some slight changes. I'm not saying the storyline had to be built on common sense but it should have really been written to continue on in the same timeline at the end of Yuri's Revenge or at least planned out better without creating an entirelly new timeline. Personally I think it would have been nice to have a classic Allies vs Soviets battle again without any interference from other factions.

Overall: Good Gameplay and well worth getting but the storyline could have been better but that doesn't mean you won't enjoy it but should there be a sequel to this let's hope the storyline is better :)Sadly the storyline in this leaves a lot to be desired.
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Duke Nukem 3D (1996 Video Game)
True Legends never die, one of my favorite games of all time! :)
31 July 2009
I've been playing this game since I was seven years old and I never get tired of it, I still play it every now and then even today. Not only are the episodes and enemies really creative but people are able to create levels for the game as well and a lot of the levels available for download are just as good as the original levels 3D realms has created and the Build Engine definitely deserves critical acclaim for this :) There are loads of fantastic downloadable mods and episodes out there for this as well so the game will literally have you coming back for more. I remember I used to complete the game over and over again.... oh the memories. Now here's a hopin' we get to see the Battlelord in Duke Nukem Forever if it ever comes out :)
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Fred (2008–2010)
Probably the most overrated series on YouTube. Why all the hype?
31 July 2009
I admit the first time I watched this series it was funny at first but then it started to feel bland and repetitive the second time round. I don't know how this series became among the top subscribed let alone the #1 subscribed on YouTube. If you want to find really good videos on YouTube don't always assume the top subscribed have the best videos because you'll soon realize that the number of subscribers someone has provides no indication whatsoever on how good their videos are especially when you look at this series, despite having the most subscribers it never was and never will be the best series on youtube and to be blunt some people with tons of subscribers might have crap videos whereas others with fewer subscribers may actually have far better videos, browse youtube and you'll see what I mean as you will probably come across much better videos from some users that aren't on the top subscribed. For over 1,000,000 subscribers this series really doesn't live up to the hype but yet it's viewers and subscribers continue to grow. It's understandable that people like this series but if this was made during the Golden Age of comedy it wouldn't have stood a chance as comedy is rarely as good as it used to be nowadays and even then most of the recent comedy is way funnier than this ever was. I used to regularly check back on this series to see if there's any improvement in the humour but sadly it falls flat and is only remotely funny because of the chipmunk voice which in itself is getting old too. This series is a disgrace to Monty Python and any other true comedy legends but to be fair it slides by. It was funny in it's own way but it pales in comparsion to *true comedy*. It used to make me laugh though, I'll admit but at least I can watch Monty Python sketches again and again and still laugh whereas this series is not in the least bit funny anymore :/ A lot of the hype if anything is mostly from fangirls who think Fred is cute and I don't even know where to begin on how retarded that is........ Though this series has probably opened doors for Lucas' career and I have to give him credit where it's due but it still doesn't make any sense why so many people stand in "awe" at this series and without doubt Hollywood is bound to cash in on this but then again some people in Hollywood are only to happy to cash in as long as they make lots of money from it whether it's good or crap. If you want to find one of the most overrated things in the world you've found it.

Overall an alright series but nothing special and proof that people need to look beyond what's in front of them to find better videos because youtube literally rubs our noses in videos from the top subscribed even if they aren't that great.
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