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Kaminey (2009)
A perfect dark comedy !
30 August 2009
Thats what Monsieur Godard would call this film - a time pass; yet reasonably after Shekhar Kapur's comment on an esteemed daily Vishal Bhardwaj is being compared widely to Quentin Tarantino, a comparison, I feel is much forced rather than reasoned. With Kaminey Vishal Bhardwaj breaks his own elan & generates what we can call India's first perfect dark comedy. Amusingly, Vishal Bhardwaj once again displays his Shakespearean love. this time morsel of 'A Comedy of Errors', yet many may disagree. A fine work by a finer film-maker. Watch this movie without 'Maqbool' or 'Omakara' in your mind.

On a totally different note, the music of this film is exceptional, well versed by another genius in his own kind - Gulzar.

A must watch.
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