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Fresh and Interesting...great potential.
28 October 2011
Another reviewer has panned this show purely because the backgrounds aren't Chicago. Whilst any person proud of their city may be remotely isn't a valid reason to pan the show. Also the premise of a heavily pregnant woman on the streets wielding her weapon is probably a little hard to the same time it was probably done as an experiment to do something different and create interest.

The pilot was a bit rocky and occasionally so was the scripting here and there. But that is usually true for the first seasons of most shows and the characters and acting really stands out in this show. Racheal Carpani does really well to charm the viewers and as a young almost newcomer she holds the show together really well with the help of a very charming and talented ensemble cast. The choice of Kathy Baker and Treat Williams for her parents was a good one to back the show up so to speak with some star value....but I agree with other reviewers that Papadol could be either strengthened or lost completely.

So far I am entirely charmed and think this show is certainly worth seeing how season 2 fairs. It is a step apart from the regular action packed hard-ass cop dramas which is why it has a freshness to it. Racheal Carpani is absolutely one to watch which being a fan of hers from McLeod's Daughters is the only reason I set out to watch this show in the first place.
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