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Steve deserves better than this
21 September 2017

There was so much emotions packed at the end of this episode with Kono giving a wife one last "gift" from husband & the heart- wrenching break-up of one of my favorite TV couples Steve 7 Catherine.

I really want to know what Catherine really choose over Steve because she keeps breaking his heart.

The Others

  • I love how Danny is always looking out for Steve.

  • At first, I was not sure how to feel about Danny's nephew, but he is


  • Gabriel has got to go. He is the new Wo Fat & I am already tired

of his dumb ass.
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Hell on Wheels: The Elusive Eden (2014)
Season 4, Episode 1
Someone Kill The Swede... PLEASE
11 August 2017

If it was not for the swede, I would have finished Hell on Wheels since last year, but I had to take some months off from seeing his face. It pained me to see Bohannon being held captive by him. I wish Bohannon would kill him already... he has been a thorn in his side long enough !!

On a more positive note, who would have ever that I would be happy that Bohannon is married? I wanted him to stay alone forever because no one deserved him, but Naomi is the perfect wife for him. I look forward to seeing their relationship progress, but first they need to get out of that hell hole.

I thought that Durant was in prison... it has been so long since I watched season 3, but how did he get his position back?

Elam is alive... well, I hope he is for Eva's sake. She is in a dangerous town & she needs both Elam & Bohannon to have her back.

Mickey McGinnes is a snake just like his brother. I am over him.

Bohannon needs to escape that fort in the next episode because I cannot stand to go through the pain of him being imprisoned any longer. His railroad needs him.
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Smallville: Turbulence (2009)
Season 8, Episode 16
Chole is the secret in controlling Davis's beast
31 July 2017

Tess Mercer is the female Lex Luthor because she is trying to find out Clark's secret. I, actually, do not mind her knowing.

Jimmy is so annoying & I am not happy that they made a whole episode about him. I do kind of feel sorry for him in the end. Also, Chole is like an annoying gnat in Clark's ears. She is more worried about Clark's secret than her husband... get your life together girl. This re-watch confirms that Davis & Chloe should have been together.
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Kono's Honerymoon and Treasure Hunting
20 July 2017
It has been a while since I seen the finale, but I think Chin's life was in danger since Gabriel was pointing a gun at him. I am glad to report that he is alive and I hope Chin hunts that idiot down for threaten Chin's life and hurting Adam and Kono. I wonder how powerful he will be since he go the money that he needed.

Steve is finally about to propose to Catherine. I hope she says yes, but you never know with her.

There are great Steve & Danno scenes. Also, I may be in the minority, but I do not like Jerry as part of the team... once or twice he can join, but all the time... NO !!!

The case was trying to find some treasure, but I was more concerned with everything else.
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Smallville: Infamous (2009)
Season 8, Episode 15
Lois deserves better
6 July 2017

What does Lois Lane have to do to prove that she deserves to know Clark's secret? She was willing to go the distance to protect him... that's my girl.

The fact that Clark played with Lois's feelings ticked me off. What an a-hole move !!!!!!
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Smallville: Requiem (2009)
Season 8, Episode 14
I miss Lois Lane. Also, thank you so much LEX LUTHOR.. you did the impossible.
5 July 2017
7.2 Lex Luthor was good for something because he was the only one who could break up that tragic couple: Clark & Lana. Lana really brings the melodrama and I have had enough !!

Why did the writers have to f-up so badly when it comes to the Clark-Lana relationship & LOIS? When I re-watch this series again, I will DEFINITELY skip all the episodes Lana appear in this season.

Oliver finally does what most of these idiots could not do... finish Lex Luthor. Also, I am so Oliver called Chloe out on her BS.

Oliver & Lex are the MVPs of this episode.

The great Lois Lane is back in the next episode and I am so grateful because Clark will put his big-boy pants on and will become the man that he is suppose to become.
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Smallville: Power (2009)
Season 8, Episode 13
Hate is stronger than love for Lana...Lex is always on that girl's mind.
5 July 2017

Clark finds out that Lana made that tragic DVD with a gun to her head, but he also finds out that she is so obsessed with getting revenge against Lex.

Lana really has Clark by the balls and makes him a child and not a grown-man. It is so sad that he was stuck in a child's mindset for the longest and I know that because Clark has been almost intolerable in these last 4 episode.

Lana finally gets her powers and I am happy for her, but she needs to hurry up and leave because her presence brings soap opera drama that I do not need. She is a distraction in Clark's life.
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Smallville: Bulletproof (2009)
Season 8, Episode 12
A Procedural Cop Show Format
5 July 2017

I was getting a Blue Bloods feel from this episode. How in the world did Chloe get Clark to pass as an officer? Then, Clark is mysteriously buddy-buddy with his new partner at a BBQ. This show is really wild sometimes. Haha.

I am so happy Chloe is there to remind Clark that his complicated relationship with Lana hurts most involved. She is the only one that seems to think about Lois's feelings in this situation and gain some brownie points with me.

Clark and Oliver have been on tense terms for a while now and I hope they find a way through it.

Dan Turpin cameo

Lana show Tess what kind of man Lex really is and Tess cuts him off. It is about time because she is smarter than that.

I am no Clana fan, but the chemistry between them was shining brightly in here.

Overall, there is no point to this episode, but that Lana & Tess fight was amazing.
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Smallville: Legion (2009)
Season 8, Episode 11
Write your own destiny...
5 July 2017

Legion took a page from Superman: The Animated series by having the Legion of Heroes come back to the past, which is the present for us. The animated series definitely did it better because while I loved the animated version this version was meh. Brainiac has taken over Chloe so all the Legions say that Chloe has to die and what ticked me off was that they were stating this every 5 minutes, which was so irritating.

Clark was a bit too whiny for my taste. Lana was actually alright in this episode & she had to knock some sense into him.

Chloe's and Clark's heart-to-heart at the towards the end was so moving.

Davis Bloome is more dangerous now?
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Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio (2016)
Season 10, Episode 0
Superman-Inspired Origins Doctor Who
28 June 2017

I am a sucker for superhero-inspired TV shows and I loved this. Grant was basically Superman with a Batman costume. It was such a fun time & it really made me see how much Clara was weighing the Doctor down. Nardole is so funny & I hope he remains a companion for a while because he makes the 12 Doctor better.

Ready for Season 10 !!!!
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Smallville: Abyss (2008)
Season 8, Episode 9
5 June 2017
Chloe starts to lose her memory because of Brainiac. Clark goes to Jor-El for help.

Clark's & Chloe's friendship is amazing. It is great how much they would do for one another.

It irritates me that the show has always shown Jor-El as some sort of villain.Jor- El just wants to make him stronger while Clark wants to act like a brat. It is great to see father & son build some sort of good foundation finally.

How unfortunate for Jimmy that this show has always made him second to Chloe... never first. It is Clark first... even Davis gets preference. Poor Jimmy.

Speaking of Davis, his chemistry with Chloe is out of this world. He admits how he feels to her. It is a pity their relationship could go no further.

I seriously doubt that Chloe will be in dark about Clark's secret for long. I wish though.
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Doctor Who: Face the Raven (2015)
Season 9, Episode 10
The end of the Clara era
7 May 2017

...and it is about time because I need a new companion. This was the best episode of the season & I am not sure if that is saying much because this was not the best season. Even though I was ready for Clara to go, it was sad to see The Doctor so broken about her about to die. Clara's & The Doctor's goodbye was great.

Peter Capaldi's acting was superb.
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Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion (2015)
Season 9, Episode 8
7 May 2017

I hate the Zygons & I hope I do not have to see them ever again. This episode was way better than the mess that was the last episode. I think it is time for Clara to go now because I did not miss her at all when she was missing in "The Girl Who Lived" episode.
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Supergirl: Stronger Together (2015)
Season 1, Episode 2
I just miss Superman.
30 September 2016
1x02 - Stronger Together


Alex Danvers & Hank Hershaw want to know the limits of Kara's powers & they want to help her train to become a better hero. Kara gets emotional when Alex beats her butt to prove a point that she is not ready to go out a face the big bad guys.

Supergirl gets bad press when she tries to save oil from exploding at the docks, but she makes it worst. She confides in Jimmy & Winn that she wants to help the little people so that Supergirl can get better press.

Some insect guy kidnaps Alex. Kara saves her. We found out that Kara's mom was a twin & she imprisoned her twin sister.

My limits have been reached & I am going to go ahead & cop out of watching this series. I am usually a person that has a high threshold of cringe, but I had to stop watching this because my cringe was at an ultimate high.

Melissa Benoist. I want to like Supergirl, but I feel no connection to her. Honestly, I cannot take her seriously. I look at Supergirl & keep wishing I could see Superman or I just have the urge to watch Smallville again.

Also, I got really mad when Kara said the S stood for Stronger Together. S stand for Hope, girl. I know that should not upset me off, but Man of Steel is my favorite comic book movie & everything about the movie is the law. Ha. Crazy... but that is how I feel.

Mehcad Brooks. I love you, but I just cannot do this. I will be tuning in when Superman comes through because I can never miss when my favorite superhero pops up in (mostly) any version. Also, I want to see who Chris Woods is & his scenes because I love his acting. I might give the show another chance depending on how these episodes that I want to see goes.

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Supergirl: Pilot (2015)
Season 1, Episode 1
Not Laura Vandervoort, but it is decent
30 September 2016
1x01 - Pilot

When Supergirl first came out, I had no intention of watching it & I did not. I was not a fan of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl because (1) she was no Laura Vandervoort who looked like a Supergirl (2) I did not like her character on Glee so I did not think that she had the acting chops for Supergirl.

About a year later (today - 09-29-2016), I decided to watch it because (1) Superman is my husband & since Tyler Hoechlin was cast I knew I was going to watch the episodes he appeared in, but I was not sure if I was going to watch the show. Also, I am fresh off of re-watching my favorite series Smallville & I needed another super something in my life.

The pilot episode is filled with so much cheese & clichés that at one point I thought that I was watching a comedy, but I think I liked it.

Kara was supposed to be older than Clark until her pod went to the Phantom Zone. I was about to nut up if Clark was younger than her.

Superman led her to her foster parents The Danvers because he wanted her to be raised by decent human beings like he was. Guess who was her dad? Dean Cain... that man just wants to pop up in as many Kryptonian TV shows as he can.

Kara was living life as a regular human until one day her sister plane goes down & she saves it. Kara experiences a rush & his excited that she did it, but her sister not so much. I thought her sister was jealous of her, which she was, but she also wanted to protect her from all the aliens Kara's pod brought to earth when she was in the Phantom Zone.

It is revealed that Kara's sister, Alex works with an organization that works against aliens. Kara's real aunt wants her death.

Kara Danvers is no Kara Kent & I will always wish that Laura was cast, but Melissa did a good enough job so far.

My favorite character so far is James "Jimmy" Olsen. I love that he knows Superman. He is another reason I am about to trek through this series. I love Mechad Brooks & I was waiting for him to appear on my TV screen since True Blood & Necessary Roughness ended.

I do not feel invested in the rest of the character. Once there is a story to tell I think I will be alright. As of right now, it seems as though Supergirl is going to be about Kara taking down the prisoners that escaped the Phantom Zone.

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The Vampire Diaries: I Would for You (2016)
Season 7, Episode 15
Ugh !!!!!
30 July 2016
Why do I like to torture myself? This episode was terrible & I literally thought it was a parody. After the last episode with Klaus, I put this episode on hold because I did not like the preview or the synopsis. Finally, I forced myself to watch it & I think it could be the worst episode this season so far. Well, the first 27 minutes were probably the worst I have ever seen from most of the actors, especially Ian. Ian's acting was atrocious. I mean I was cringing throughout the whole episode it was so bad. Also, there were so many boring asxs parts & I cannot stand Steroline. I want to be free from watching that boring asxs couple.

The only saving grace in this episode was Bonnie Bennett. She made every scene she shared with everyone meaningful & interesting. Even though Ian was horrible for the majority of the episode, his scene with Bonnie was awesome.

So, now that I got that out the way, I need to talk about what actually happened in the episode.

Damon Salvatore is one of the most selfish people on this show. Everyone is willing to sacrifice for his ungrateful asxs & he returns the favor my spitting in their face (figuratively). He used to be my favorite TV male character, but as the show went on his character has not really grown. The only person he wants to live for his Elena... how freaking pathetic his that. Stefan had been through so much with this idiot... always sacrificing his happiness... at this point, I am ready for Stefan to stake him.

Also, when he hurt Bonnie, I wanted to kill him myself.

I could be in my feelings & Damon could regain my love in the next episode, but I really do not see how he could go about doing that. I hope Ian puts on his acting pants next episode because I do not know what that performance was in this episode.

I almost forgot about Matt Donovan. He is so pointless & he needs to go. I am over him.

Best parts

*Anything Bonnie B.

*Bonnie's & Enzo's interactions... they are the best parts of this season so far

*Bonnie's & Damon's talk at the beginning & at the end of the episode. The ending was so emotional & Katerina Graham as outgrown this show for a while now because she has by far been the best actor.

*Damon's & Stefan's emotional goodbye... I felt so bad for Stefan because Damon keeps hurting him.


4 stars for Bonnie
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The Vampire Diaries: Days of Future Past (2016)
Season 7, Episode 16
Bonnie & Enzo: The Start of Something Magical
30 July 2016
This episode was better than the last... it was mess, but it was a beautiful trainwreck.

First, the ending was so heartbreaking with Nora's & Mary Louise's death & Damon & Valerie sad about Stefan'd return to the Phoenix Stone.

There were many boring parts & stupid plots that occurred (Stefan/Rayna taking to one another & Valerie/Stefan's quest), but the meaningful moments sort of outway the bad ones.

Damon tried to do right by Stefan at the last minute, but he is too late. He wanted to have it all, but he has to understand that you must sacrifice for the people he loves.

Matt needs to go.

Enzo cares for Bonnie. I saw it in his eyes when he realizes that there is no antidote for the pills. My heart swelled with my love for this potential couple.

I missed Bonnie. I wished she was in the episode.

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The Vampire Diaries: I Went to the Woods (2016)
Season 7, Episode 17
Brotherly Love... so emotional
30 July 2016
We find out that Stefan is in a human's body & he is trying to survive in the wilderness. Then, Stefan's body is inhabited by a serial killer from the 1880s.

Damon ends up finding Stefan before he dies.

For the most part, this episode was boring... nothing really happened. Valerie & Alaric need to let Caroline & Stefan go because the latter clearly are with the former only because they cannot be together.

The highlight of this episode was Damon's & Stefan's emotional talk when Damon is trying yo find Stefan in the blizzard. Their talks get me so emotional because despite Damon being an ass their brotherly bond is one of the reasons this show has gone on for so long.

I needed Bonnie & Enzo to be in this episode because I missed them dearly.

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Smallville: Memoria (2004)
Season 3, Episode 19
3x19 - Rewatch (Lex-centric)
21 July 2016
I am beginning to see that every Lex-centric episode this season has the highest ratings. So, it is obvious that I need more of Lex's story in my life.

"Memoria" begins with a flashback to Lex as a child babbling about baby Julian & continues to show him as an adult on the edge of his balcony screaming Julian's name. Righteous Lana shows up in the nick of time to pull him down from the ledge & the nightmare he was having.

We get a look into Lex's past life & it is very intriguing & sad. You can tell all Lex wants is to be loved & to have friends.

I am getting tired of my best friend lying to me. Really Clark? You are talking about Lex lying to you. Clark has to stop this holier than art act that he pulls with Lex because, in this episode, he was the definition of a hypocrite. His hypocrisy was at its peak when his dark side came out (as Lionel Luthor said... yeah I agree with him) when he went running to Lionel Luthor for help about Lex regaining his memories. Who would have ever thought I would side with Lionel? The fact that Lex was still willing to help Clark when he was in trouble makes me feel so sorry for Lex that no one trusts him. My heart hurts for him. Then, he took the fall for his mother. Man... give The Luthor's an Oscar for this emotional episode.

In other news, Clark finds out his earliest memories & that his mother's name was Lara. Also, he realizes that his biological parents were not monsters.

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Smallville: Crisis (2004)
Season 3, Episode 16
3x16 - Rewatch (Lana-centric)
21 July 2016
Clark & Pete are volunteering at a crisis center. When Clark picks up his phone, Lana is on the other line asking for his help, but the call is from the future.

The Luthors are bossing the Lady Doctor around... threatening deportation if she does not help them... that poor woman. Lex & Lionel are some different kinds of monsters... both powerful & scary.

I want to know where the hell that call came from because I did not get any explanations & I am pressed.

We found out Lionel used Adam to find out information on Clark because Lionel has terminal cancer. So, he wants to find out the secret to Clark's blood.
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Smallville: Legacy (2004)
Season 3, Episode 17
3x17 - Rewatch (Luthor-Clark-centric)
21 July 2016
You know, I really hate how they make Jor-El seem like a terrible father. He sent his son to earth to save him for goodness sake... that is enough in my book for me to love Jor-El. Plus, Russell Crowe plays that character so I have a whole new level of bias for Jor-El.

Lionel Luthor finds Clark in the cave & tells Lex that they need to get to the bottom of the Clark Kent mystery.

Throughout all of season 3, Lex has really been trying to protect Clark, Chloe & Lana. Give that man some love & some friends.

Clark's stupidity is getting unreal. The dude is always zooming away & expecting everyone to turn a blind eye at his sudden disappearance. Also, the way he accuses & attacks Lex is low-key pissing me off. He is on some Barry Allen-type (The Flash TV show) shite.

Clark & Lana share a kiss. Well, that just open an unhealthy can of worms. Smh. These people have got to stop with this relationship. It is toxic & unhealthy AF. Also, the way Lana went to Lex about Clark... she might as well get with Lex.

I am ready for this season to be over because I am so damn tired of Clark & Lana, the caves & the Kents. I am over here preparing myself for season 4 when Queen Lois Lane makes her presence known.
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Smallville: Resurrection (2004)
Season 3, Episode 15
3x15 - Rewatch (Clark-centric)
21 July 2016
Garrett's brother dies & then comes to life. So, now Garrett's brother needs a new liver to survive. Then, John Q. occurs. Garrett straps a bomb to himself & holds the patients in the hospital hostage until his brother gets the help he needs.

I find it funny how the show incorporated kryptonite in about every episode to weaken Clark. It appears in the most random places & the most random times.

Clark found out that Lionel Luthor is using his blood in a serum to bring people back to life.

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Smallville: Asylum (2004)
Season 3, Episode 9
3x09 - Rewatch (Lex-centric episode)
21 July 2016
Lex is residing in an asylum because Lionel is keeping him there to hide his dirty laundry. Clark is trying to find a way to prove that Lex is perfectly innocent before they fry his brain.

Pete is getting on nerves & what is his point anyways. Also, Mr. & Mrs. Kent are both annoying as well. I cannot wait until their presence becomes nonexistent

Damon Salvatore has arrived with his fine self.

I love seeing Clark try to prove Lex's innocence because he does not deserve it. Meanwhile, the people who Clark placed in the asylum are trying to team up against him by finding his weakness from Van. The minions succeed, which kind of made me happy because it delayed Lex's vegetation process.

Although I feel sorry for Lex, I feel uncomfortable with him knowing Clark's secret. Poor Lex, though...I just want to throw Lionel off a cliff for putting Lex through so much trauma. I hope that Lex gets back at Lionel for having him placed in an asylum... that man is one crazy assx person.

Why are the writers enforcing the friendship between Clark & Lex? It just makes me sad for their future.

Stop this Clark & Lana madness now !!!!
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Smallville: Whisper (2004)
Season 3, Episode 10
3x10 - Rewatch (Clark-centric)
21 July 2016
Clark gains the ability to hear from a distance. Clark's & Lex's friendship deepens. Clark's & Lana's "friendship" takes a turn for the worse, but when is it not going downhill. It is tiring because every time either of them wants the other... the other person is not ready. Ugh.

Clark finds out that Chloe was in cahoots with Lionel Luthor to find out information about Clark.

Clark's runs his big mouth so much. I am not a big fan of Chloe's, but damn he made her lose everything by running his mouth & he did not do a damn thing.

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Smallville: Delete (2004)
Season 3, Episode 11
3x11 - Rewatch (Chole-centric)
21 July 2016

Someone wants to off Chloe Sullivan & we find out that it is not Lionel Luthor, but Molly Griggs. Molly is in love with her boss & he goes to her when someone tries to ruin his name.

Name drop of my girl LOIS LANE... It made me second guess whether or not she made her appearance earlier than season 4. I wanted to jump to season 4 even faster than I already do because Erica Durance presence as Lois Lane made Smallville better.

Clark needs to stop with his jealous ass. Let Damon... I mean Adam alone. Adam should have left Smallville when he had the chance. He does not even know what is heading his way.

I am realizing that Clark, Chloe & Lana go to Lex with so many of their problems & then they treat him with no trust. Users.

Also, Clark is one bold mf & he goes up against everyone head on. I like it, but sometimes... most times... he does not use his head.
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