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Entertaining? Yes Sir!
25 January 2011
If Deols were looking to redeem themselves from the disaster that was 'Apne', they certainly have with this one. The movie makes great use of Sunny's He-Man image with exaggerated but visually stunning action sequences(with a sensational Dhol+Electronic Guitar background music which they should have released with the album), Bobby's energy and Dharmender's mere presence on the scene.

First half, though, not nearly as mad as the second, is helped by Two good item numbers and Johnny Lever's cameo. Second half is riot. When all the Punjabi characters with their Punjabiness come to the fore. Anupam Kher is impeccable as ever in his comic timing. The Canada obsessed cousin was hilarious along with the Family friend, the Flashy clothes+Goggle sporting character. Kulraj Randhawa is cute and efficient. But undoubtedly, its Mukul Dev's drunkard guy that gets the best scenes and dialogs. Amongst others, Emma Brown- the wife that scares living daylights out of Sunny Deol of all people and the kids, especially the smaller one(with his limited vocabulary syndrome) are a treat.

10/10 as I went there to get entertained and I was.
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